Lucrative career opportunities for a non-traditional nurse

Thanks to the advancement in medical technology and the spiraling growth in healthcare industry across the world, the need for qualified nurses in the profession is on the rise.  Not only is the demand for the profession increasing and the remuneration package for a qualified nurse competitive enough, the very concept of nursing has undergone a drastic change.

Gone were the days when a nurse is perceived to be a woman, wearing white gown with long socks and rendering services along the bedside of a patient in a hospital ward.  Things have changed drastically from the concept of traditional nursing, finding employment only in hospitals, especially in the crowded wards.

The profession of nursing is no longer considered as a domain of the fairer sex.  Both men and women take up the profession actively and are found in all places where patient care and health care services are required.

The only thing that has not changed is the core ideals or principles of nursing.  Any person having that little extra compassion, mental strength, composure, and service-minded nature to provide collaborative care to the persons can take up the profession, can acquire the basic qualifications and the required license to become a Registered Nurse.

Then he or she can choose any of the innumerable opportunities to further advance the career ambitions and achieve success in the profession.

He or she, as a non-traditional nurse, can consider pursuing among any one of the following five hot opportunities:

  1. Surgical nurse:  A career as a surgical nurse will be a challenging one and also is in great demand.  As a surgical nurse, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of providing able assistance to the surgeon or chief doctor performing surgery or major operations.  Major surgeries that require the assistance of a surgical nurse include organ transplants, heart bypass surgery or other operations involving laser incisions, to name just a few.  As a surgical nurse, you will be responsible for preparing patients before operation, extend assistance during surgery and also take adequate care of the patient after operation.
  2. Forensic nurse: The role of a forensic nurse in investigations is gaining popularity, thanks to technological advancements in investigations.  As a forensic nurse, you will be responsible for carrying out physical assessment/examination of victims, collect invaluable evidence and also counsel the affected parties.  You will be also responsible to carry out DNA tests, and play an important role in bringing criminals to forefront while safeguarding the interest of the affected persons.
  3. Travel nurse: Shortage of qualified nurses in large quantities has opened up a new opportunity for registered nurses who have a flair for travel in addition to quality patient care.  A qualified nurse can take up a career as Travel nurse, where he or she will be required to visit different countries to assist in the treatment of patients. Typically, the duration of work in a single place will last between 4 weeks to24 weeks or less.  A new country, a new atmosphere, new challenges in the same profession – this is what travel nurse is all about.  Flair for travel, capability to adapt and excel in trying conditions and knowledge of more than one language can help you take up this challenging career option as a travel nurse.  The possibility for relatively higher remuneration, other amenities such as free housing and more allowances might also be on interest while deciding on this lucrative option in nursing career
  4. Legal Nurse Consultant:  One of the lucrative options in nursing career that rewards with handsome remuneration is the option of becoming a legal nurse consultant.  The job and responsibility of a legal nurse consultant include functioning as a medical detective, and analyzing medical history and records of the accused and convicted persons.  As part of the profession, legal nursing consultant might have to offer witness and testimony in connection with health.
  5. Military nurse: The job as a military nurse will be the most satisfying of the lucrative hot career options in nursing for registered nurse in that one can, in addition to compassion and care to help the needy people, can show their love and affection for the country and patriotism by working on the health of the army that is working overnight to keep its citizens happy and peaceful.

The above – mentioned career options are just a few, in terms of their popularity that are worth exploring for specialization.

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