Nursing Careers – Clinical Nurse Specialization

Nursing career offers different kinds of specializations, few of them are Clinical Nurse Specialization, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, etc. A Clinical Nurse specialist (CNS) is a one who has finished a specialized degree graduation or a master’s program or is a doctorate in order to gain expertise in a particular branch of nursing. In general a CNS is trained in such a manner that he or she is capable of organizing and coordinating resources and services and who also works to keep a curb on the expenses. Hence a CNS is a key player in the maintenance of the managed care, also they operate efficiently in managing the inter dependencies and complexities related to different branches of the health care industry.

The CNS specialties can be related to any of the aspect involved in the nursing industry, for example, pediatrics – which focuses on the health care related to a child, oncology – which focuses and deals with cancer or tumors, emergency care, rehabilitation, surgery, etc. The most important point related to CNSs is that, they possess the knowledge and skills not just to provide treatments and diagnosis to the patients, but also to provide expert consultation to their subordinates and other nurses and they even display leadership qualities.

A CNS has the flexibility to work in various health care institutions such as clinics, long term care providing facilities, etc. A research involving CNSs has shown that a CNS can have direct impact in the improvement of patient satisfaction, can reduce the occurrence of medical complications, and lessen the need for frequent visits to emergency rooms.

A CNS can almost don the role of a physician, in rural areas, or for economically backward people, this is a boon, as they do not possess the money to hire a physician and a CNS can be easily approached instead.

CNS provides an opportunity to directly work with the patients, providing them with care and using advanced technologies to aid in the process of healing a patient. There is an increased demand for CNSs in the current scenario. A CNS is a nurse with advanced practice, and such specialized nurses are in great demand. As per, on an average, a CNS can earn a maximum pay of $88, 168 and the least pay can be around $74, 545. The CNSs in the medium range earn somewhere around $80, 975.

A CNS is a nursing expert who is trained in such a manner that, he or she can play a major role in the improvement of patient’s care and this is the ultimate goal of a CNS. They can even have the option of gaining expertise in a particular area of their interest such as emergency room, diabetes, wound care, etc. A CNS can also work on his or her own as an independent consultant, apart from working in major hospitals, health care organizations, etc.

CNS is a perfect option to those youngsters who are willing to take up leadership activities, have a capability of interacting with patients and their families and are keen to learn the best practices in the nursing industry.

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