Nursing Opportunities for Men

With the current shortage of qualified workforce in the nursing industry, there is a great demand for qualified nurses and they are hiring a lot of qualified nurses, not only women but men too. Unlike the olden days where nursing was considered to be female oriented job, in today’s world, nursing being a profession which not only rewards professionally but personally too, has become a career in demand for both the genders. Men who have touched the waters of nursing know that it is a challenging and equally compensating career which offers a lot of options to learn and grow while on the job.

.Male nurses have been in the profession since 16th century, but usually it is women who are related with when speaking of the nursing industry. Contrary to the popular notion that men are doctors and women are nurses, the current generation has seen a change in the trend, where gender does not play a significant role in the career option. As per the statistics, around six percent of the total registered nurses are men. There is a gradual increase in the enrollment in the nursing courses by men.

Nursing is attracting a lot of male nurses, some of the underlying reasons are due to the great demand for nurses, it is very easy to find a job, is a secure career option as on an average a nurse can earn around $53, 000. Men have understood that nursing provides flexible working hours, great opportunities to learn and grow, good benefits and almost countless number of job options to choose from. With so less men in the industry, there is a great demand for male nurses in administrative and leadership roles and interested individuals have a great opportunity to reach for those positions and excel in them.

A male nurse can have unlimited options to choose from in order to grow in their career, they even have the option of opting challenging jobs which are fast paced too, some of the examples of such jobs are military nurses, critical care nurses, travel nurses, flight nurses, forensic nurses etc. Men looking for opportunities to work with the ever growing and cutting edge technologies, nursing offers you even those kinds of jobs in nurse research. If the men want to pursue a business oriented career incorporating the desire to improve the quality of patient life, you have the option to pursue an advanced degree like MSN (Master of Science) or MBA. With the option of flexible work hours, men can find more time to spend time at home which helps in improving work life balance.

Nursing, is a great challenging and ever learning opportunity to those men who are bored of sitting in a front of desk from morning to evening, here they have a chance of interacting with various people and creating a difference in an individual’s life. Nursing offers a lot of options to male nurses who wish to have a challenging and rewarding career.

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