Nursing tips: Role and responsibilities of a certified nurse midwife

The concept of nursing and the importance of a nurse in healthcare industry has been introduced and popularized to this world by Florence Nightingale, fondly called as the Lady with the Lamp.  But, she is not the founder of this noble profession.

Do you know who the first nurse in this world was or when the concept of nursing was first realized and practiced?  It is as ancient as mankind itself and the first nurse must be invariably the midwife who assisted in child birth since the beginning of mankind in this universe.

In this modern day healthcare industry, becoming a certified nurse midwife is one of the many career options available to the trained or registered nurse.

Who is certified nurse midwife?

Being a certified nurse midwife is one of the career options in nursing profession, where a registered nurse is trained to extend healthcare assistance to women especially during their pregnancy and child birth.

Before knowing more about the role and responsibilities of a certified nurse midwife, let us understand the basic requirements to become a certified nurse midwife.

The basic qualification for becoming a registered nurse is a four-year degree course in nursing from an accredited nursing college.  After securing the degree in nursing, a nurse should taking up the Licensing examination to get a License to work as a Registered Nurse.

After completing the degree course and getting the license, a registered nurse should take up a special program that imparts advanced training on pregnancy, labor pains and delivery of child.  In addition, the nurse will also be provided training for providing healthcare assistance to newborn babies, postpartum and prenatal care to pregnant mothers.

After successful completion of the advanced training program, a registered nurse will be conferred the title of a Certified Nurse Midwife.  The demand for qualified Certified Nurse Midwives is and will always be there.  Typically, a certified nurse midwife will find employment in birthing centers, healthcare centers and hospitals.

What are the responsibilities of a certified nurse midwife?

One of the most rewarding career options in nursing profession is that of a certified nurse midwife, as she has a role to play in bringing out a new healthy baby to the world.  As a certified nurse midwife, it is her duty to

  • Support women during pregnancy
  • Provide healthcare assistance during pregnancy
  • Educate the pregnant mothers about the additional care that needs to be taken during pregnancy
  • Provide prenatal care to pregnant mothers prior to childbirth, either at hospital or at home
  • Take care of the newborns babies immediately after birth
  • Educate the mothers and would-be mothers about the importance of breast-feeding and appraise the need for mother’s milk to the new mothers.
  • Appraise the importance of healthcare for women after pregnancy and child birth.  Pregnancy and child birth is equivalent to a rebirth of a woman.

These are some of the broad responsibilities of a certified nurse midwife.

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