Nursing tips: Scope for specialization in patient care specialty areas

One of the most challenging professions, which is not only competitive enough in terms of remuneration, but also most satisfying in terms of creating an impact on a patient’s life, is none other than the Nursing profession.  With more and more people requiring healthcare assistance, the need for qualified nurses is perennially in short supply across the world.

Any person who has that little extra compassion and the urge to help the people in need of assistance with care and determination can take up this noble profession.  The increasing demand for nurses and the vast scope for specialization in the health care industry will make nursing career a lucrative one worth pursuing.

The very concept of nursing and career in nursing has changed over the years.  Nowadays, nurses are required in many different places other than hospital wards and nursing homes.

A nurse with basic qualification can decide to specialize in any one of the following specialty areas of patient care.

  1. Oncology nursing: As an oncology nurse, one can specialize in providing health care assistance to patients, both adult as well as children, who suffer from the cruel disease of cancer.  The responsibilities of an oncology nurse include long-term assistance and care to the chronically ill cancer patients, extending moral support to the patient and the family members, administering specialized treatments such as chemotherapy to the patients and such related jobs.
  2. Rehabilitation nursing: Another niche area for specialization in nursing is Rehabilitation nursing.  In this specialized area, a registered nurse will be responsible for special care and attention in restoring normalcy to patients who have been affected by serious injuries, major disease or operation.  A rehabilitation nurse has a great role to play in helping patients return back to their normal and active life.
  3. Psychiatric nursing: As a specialist in psychiatric nursing, the responsibilities will be most challenging and at the same time very rewarding.  People suffering from diseases such as dementia, schizophrenia, depression and such other bipolar disorders will be the persons handled by a psychiatric nurse.  Providing health care and assistance to such patients will not only be very challenging, but is also one of the most rewarding career in terms of remuneration.
  4. Infectious disease nursing: A nurse with basic qualification can choose infectious disease nursing as his or her preferred area of specialization.  As an infectious disease nurse, he or she will be responsible for treating patients suffering from diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS and other similar diseases.  The real challenge in this career lies not just in treating patients with these diseases, but also fighting against the spread of these diseases to other people.
  5. Acute care nursing: One specialized area of nursing that is worth pursuing is Acute Care Nursing.  As an acute care nurse, you will be responsible to provide treatment to patients in emergency rooms or intensive care units for diseases that are severe in nature, but can be cured over a relatively quicker period of time.  The special feature of this career is the requirement of alertness and sense of urgency, as you need to act fast.
  6. Geriatric nursing: One of the niche areas in nursing that is growing in demand of late is Geriatric nursing.  As a geriatric nurse, you will be responsible for providing healthcare assistance to patients aged above 60 years and suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, emphysema, hypertension and other age-related diseases.  Ensuring that the aged patients maintain an active life with strength and stamina is the challenge for a geriatric nurse.
  7. Cardiovascular nursing: Diseases related to heart are on the rise and majority of persons, even in their middle and young age, are prone to get affected with heart-related cardiovascular diseases.  As a cardiovascular nurse, you will be responsible to provide able healthcare to patients suffering from heart disease, including post-operation treatment, and educating people to live a peaceful and happy life free from heart related diseases.

Thus, the opportunities for a registered nurse to specialize the field is which he or she will be comfortable are immense.

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