Opportunities for nurses in health care industry

Nursing and nurses play an important role in the health care industry.  Just as a stethoscope is an essential thing for a doctor, nurses are an essential part of the health care industry.  Without the services of a qualified or registered nurse, the doctors cannot carry out their profession and provide medical care and assistance to the patients.

Many people might be under the impression that the work of a nurse is mostly in the bedside, helping the patient meet his or her daily requirements, and doing such other duties.

The duty of a nurse is not confined to bedside manners alone.  Nurses are the first line of service in the health care industry, providing all assistance to the patients and playing a very important role in transforming a patient to a normal person.

While it is true that more than 50% of the nurses do find their employment in hospitals, opportunities for the profession does exist in places other than the hospital wards.  A person graduated as a registered nurse and licensed to carry out the professional duties of nursing can choose the place of work from the many options.

Opportunities are available for a registered nurse in any of the following options:

  • He or she can join a long-term care center such as a rehabilitation center or hospice
  • He or she can find a job in community health clinics
  • Nurses are also employed in freestanding outpatient centers or private clinics
  • Medical offices specializing in certain fields such as dentists, eye doctors, obstetricians, etc. do require the services of nurses
  • Nurses can find job in nursing schools or colleges as professors or lecturers, taking the responsibility for training and developing quality nurses in the field
  • Big companies also employ nurses in their corporate health centers to educate the employees about health.  They take up challenges in devising means for occupational safety in the work environment as health consultants
  • Insurance companies or companies engaged in providing managed care services require the services of nurses
  • Biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and companies involved in medical technology, including research, do appoint registered nurses to assist in their activities
  • Companies engaged in research and development of new drugs or generic drugs also appoint qualified nurses to assist in their research process
  • Nurses play a vital role in the military department.   Recollect the services of Florence Nightingale or the Lady with the Lamp during the Crimean War.
  • International organizations such as the Red Cross do require nurses to provide assistance to people at times of calamities such as earthquakes, flash floods or such other major disasters.
  • Government authorities also require the services of nurses in connection with hospital regulation that involves taking up surveys and inspections of health care facilities in the area.

Thus, it is clear that the role of and opportunities for nursing does not confine itself to bedside manners and includes a wide area.  The horizon for specialization is big and the mental satisfaction of having made a meaningful impact in the people is the key for this noble profession.

Article by Josh Jones

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