Opportunities for specialization to registered nurses

Nursing profession in healthcare industry is one of the most rewarding and most satisfying professions.  The mental satisfaction one derives from having created a meaningful impact in a patient’s life, the challenges that the profession provides, the ever-increasing need for nurses in the industry, and various options that the profession offers for specialization makes this profession worth considering and aspiring for, provided you have in you what it takes to be a nurse.

The entry point into professional nursing is graduating yourself with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and clearing the examination to obtain the License for working as a Registered Nurse

A Registered Nurse can opt to take up specialization in a desired field by pursuing higher studies such as Masters Degree in Nursing.  The Registered Nurse can aspire to become any one of the following specialized fields in the nursing profession:

  • Clinical nurse specialists:  A registered nurse can become a clinical nurse specialist, in a specific department or disease.  One can either become a specialist in treating cancer patients, or in extending assistance and care to mentally-challenged patients.
  • Certified nurse midwives: A registered nurse can opt for specialization as a Certified nurse midwife, wherein she will be extending help and assistance to women through their pregnancy and childbirth, and also extend care and assistance to the new-born kids
  • Nurse practitioners: A registered nurse, having completed the master’s degree in nursing, can taken up the role of a nurse practitioner and become eligible to carry out some specialized and advanced medical functions which were earlier confined only to the specialist doctors in that field
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioners:A registered nurse can take up specialization in psychiatry and become a psychiatric nurse practitioner, following which he or she will become eligible to handle some advanced medical functions related to treatment of psychiatric patients, which were hitherto performed only by specialist doctors in Psychiatry.
  • Nurse anesthetists:Providing anesthesia to patients, especially while preparing patient for an operation, or in other circumstances that require patient to be unconscious, is a specialized subject and requires the service of a trained registered nurse in this field.  By undergoing this training, a registered nurse can become a Nurse anesthetist, whose need will be felt the most in emergency care, operation theater and other places.
  • Nurse researchers:  A registered nurse, with Master’s Degree, can take up the role of a Nurse Researcher, who explore ways and means to improve the methods used in nursing, devise and implement ways to improve patient care and such other activities.

With a doctorate degree in nursing, a registered nurse can even aspire to become a Professor and take up the role of Nurse educator.  The scope of development in Nursing career are immense providing good remuneration in addition to mental satisfaction for a Registered Nurse.

Article by Prasad JVSK

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