Patient’s Rights A Must Know for Nursing Assistants

It is very important that the nursing assistants take enough care and effort to get to know the patients so as to meet their requirements. The amount of attention and care varies from one patient to another. Nursing assistants must ensure that all the patients that they look after are provided with enough support. The patients must also be provided with enough assistance to make informed decisions on a regular basis. All these are good enough reasons for the nursing professionals to be aware of the patients’ rights. These reasons also encourage the assistants to respect their rights.

There are several rights that the patients need to be aware of. The authorities may inform the patients of their rights starting from their admission into the facility till their exit. Throughout this period, the patients must know what their rights really are. Nobody working in the healthcare sector can force any type of test or treatment on any patient. The patients have the right to refuse the same. Moreover, as a medical practitioner, you are not authorized to conduct any type of examination or prescribe any type of treatment to the patient without their consent. However, the assistants have the right to note down these activities on the patient’s chart as this may reduce the speed of recovery of the patient.

Similarly, the patients can formally complain if they are not satisfied with the service being provided. Every medical facility has its own way of functioning. The medical professionals must also remember to stay away from physical or chemical abuse to the patients as these are considered illegal.

The nursing assistants must know that the confidence and dignity of the patient are of utmost importance. Any private information regarding the patient must be kept private with due respect. Also, all the patients must be given rights to conduct their prayers or any practice related to their religion. The authorities must not stop the patients from meeting their visitors from places of worship or of religious importance unless such activities interfere with the routine of the facility.

The nursing assistants must provide high quality care to all the patients, irrespective of their personal or professional status. However, if the assistants get to learn more private details about the patients, such care can be provided in a better way. The regular conversation between an assistant and a patient will only improve the relations between the two parties. This interaction will also reflect positively on the treatment.

Anybody who is working in the nursing profession must remember that the patient must be treated with enough respect and dignity even when the patients need their care and assistance. This is the best practice that should be followed in all the medical facilities. This is also mentioned in the Law. If the nursing assistants violate any of the above-mentioned criteria, the patients have the right to sue them in the court. This may result in a suspension or dismissal from the job or even severe legal action.

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