Professional Approaches in Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nursing is comparatively a new profession and is holding great potential possibilities for nurses keen in expanding their horizons of knowledge a step ahead of their counterparts and achieve the status of Expert in the field of Clinical Diagnosis. The next step gives rise to Legal nurse consulting capable of assisting in criminal prosecution cases besides providing help to Sexual Assault victims.

There are many other areas, where knowledge and experience of Forensic nursing can be usefully deployed. Forensic Nursing is a vast field of specialization. A Forensic nurse earns comparatively a higher salary package and continued education leads to Consulting Forensic Nurse.

The news of nursing shortage is being spread in all quarters. This is a time to make an entry into Forensic nursing, because at present many nurses busy in their core activities are not aware of forensic nursing and more entrants in general nursing shall bring a point of stagnation in general nursing career.

Now is better than Later:

At a later time the entry to Forensic nursing is going to be highly tough, when there are more applicants available to make entry into forensic nursing career. It is not very far when the health care providers shall be looking for Consulting Forensic nursing to assist them in preference to a general nurse.

There are many acronyms like CFN, SANE, SAFE, FNE, SAE etc. which are not known to the Nurses as yet. They are all programs related to Forensic nursing.

If one decides to become a forensic nurse, there are plenty of financial rewards and perks available to the candidates on completion of their training, which are not to be found in traditionally opted general nursing.

Victims Assistance training is held in the Westchester County SANE Program. The training is scheduled in the main office at Elmsford.

The Trainer & the Training:

The Training is conducted by Barbara Rome, who is Assistant Professor in Westchester Community College. She is holding the position of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner in the New York state as well at national level and is a practitioner of SANE in Putnam and Westchester County for more than a decade and she has testified in criminal proceedings before grand jury innumerable times. She has Master of Science Degree qualification.

Victims Assistance Services is part of Westchester Community Opportunity Program Inc., which although is private organization operating on the principle of not-for-profit. This is an organization, which works for diverse causes as a social service organization, with full dedication for helping masses and brings change in their lives for better.

The topics covered in the Forensic Nurse training include responding to Mass Fatality incidents including management of mass fatality scenes defusing the stressful condition of the responders, techniques helping reconstruction of human face, DNA studies and their role in human identifying, odontological forensic identification techniques etc.

One gets opportunity to learn the techniques from professionals, who are practicing these techniques to produce evidences, which are relied to help the victims and prosecute the criminals.

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