Putting Previous Job Experience at Work

Working in big organizations has many benefits. Although one may not like a job, but one gains certain experiences, which become the part and parcel of one’s personality.  While working in an international pharmaceutical company, their principles and ethics have become integral part of my life. Few great valuable practical principles I learned are useful in nursing field also they are given below:

Learning how and when to maintain silence:

There are moments, when one gets an occasion to listen to constructive criticism. At these times one shoulder preferably maintain silence and listen to the comments with an open mind instead of getting offended and reacting in an irresponsible manner causing the criticizer to become silence. Behaving this way one fails to cease of the opportunity to improve. Not only that now no one dares to criticize and possibility of improvement through criticism disappears in one’s life.

Gadgets less Organization:

Even in spite of the era of modernization in equipments and automation in processes, still one can successfully and efficiently operate an organization, without spending money on technologies. It seems spending money on technologies is much more than the benefits one can get. If the organization does not need the technology in it’s operations, and it is thrust upon there can be problems in implementation. Electronic medical record can be produced better manually rather than entrusting it to a technology not meant for it.

Adjusting with the Devil:

Working in shifts and reporting to be at the early morning shift sharp 5.00 A.M. and working till 5.00 P.M. is a tough job, but if one is required to, better adjust rather than making a cry. After this long day job traveling time of 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening is very tiring, but adjustment has to done without regrets as long you are working in the organization.
My past experience was very handy in managing the employees reporting to me in the hospital assignment I am handling. I am in a position to differentiate between a good employee and an OK employee. My objective is to ensure that by maintaining a good rapport I am gradually converting OK employees to good employees. This has improved efficiency in the department I am working. I have developed a habit, which always reminds me what to do? Before taking an action, I do a good thinking about the issue.

Running a Business Know How:

My experience at the job made me aware all the operations of running a business ranging from production, marketing and management all in one job experience. I learned standardization of methods to increase efficiency and evaluating people working under me. Dealing with patients in a hospital is a human problem requiring different approach. It is much different than dealing with commodities, which are life less.

The World is Like a School of Sorts:

While working in a hospital, there is lot of coordination and cooperation to complete an assignment of patient care. For the smooth functioning of the operations it is necessary to respect the people working with you and among them there shall be certain highly placed workers, whom besides respecting one should express a liking in the relationship. By doing work in such a manner there is high degree of efficiency and satisfaction.

At a new place of work the initiatives have to be taken by the new person in fast building the necessary rapport with every one and preferential dealings with few crucial persons. In the process one learns about the new job well besides creating an environment of acceptance. In case it is not working the best is to look for a new job instead of feeling struck up in ones’ progress by trying hard to break a difficult nut.

Influencing Boss with Effective Meetings:

When there are so many people working in the organization, it is not possible to communicate with each person individually. To ensure that all receive the communication in a uniform manner, the best option is to fix meetings with persons crucial in the completion of the daily routine jobs.

One should have a prepared agenda and circulate among the persons invited for the meeting so that beforehand they know what is the objective of the meeting? So that they come prepared to participate and the meeting results in effective and successful.

Prior to the meeting the boss has to be briefed about the problems and the solution to be offered or expected from the workers so that you have the concurrence, what you mean by the proposed meeting and how the problem shall be solved. Once the boss has agreed, other workers shall certainly agree with the not of the boss.

It is to be ensured that every one leaves the meeting having cleared their doubts and their understanding of the steps involved. One needs to speak clearly and act in a decisive manner reflecting the authority. Thus one can shoulder effectively more responsibilities.

Any thing wrong happening one should not shirk from accepting the responsibility in stead of blaming others. There are very bleak chances of the decision going wrong.

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