Responsibilities of a registered nurse

Irrespective of the specific area of specialization, a registered nurse is expected to carry out some basic duties of a nurse and also uphold the principles of nursing.

The primary responsibilities of a registered nurse include, among other things, the following things:

• treat the patients
• educate the patients
• educate the public about certain medical conditions and precautionary measures, and
• provide emotional support as well as advice to the family members of the patient to ensure speedy recovery for the patient

It is the responsibility of the registered nurse to take the patient and the family members of the patient into confidence and advice them the precautionary measures that need to be taken and the things that should be avoided such that the disease or the ailment is cured at a relatively quicker period and the chances of recurring that disease is negligible.

The registered nurse should maintain complete record of a patient’s medical history, the symptoms and such other related information, that will help him or her to diagnose the patient with certain tests and also critically announce the results. It is also the responsibility of the registered nurse to record the treatment carried out and medications suggested for cure, which will help in follow-up with the patient in post-treatment phase and also help in rehabilitation of the patient from the illness.

In case of calamities such as flood or spread of disease, the onus lies on the registered nurse to educate the general public about the possibilities of spread of virus and suggest useful ways and means to stay away from viral infections.

The registered nurses can employ assistants under his or her control to carry out the nursing activities and also train the junior nurses, who, predominantly would be certified nursing assistants, or, in some cases, licensed practical nurses or licensed vocational nurses. It is the responsibility of the registered nurse to teach and train the assistants working under his or her supervision.

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