Role of nurse educators in nursing profession

The hallmark of nursing profession is the quality of services that qualified nurses provide to the patients in particular and the general people at large. With technology to the aid, the healthcare industry is growing leaps and bounds and making a qualitative change in the lifestyle of the people at large. One indicator of the healthcare services is that the average life expectancy of a person has increased much, giving more baby boomers and also an equally challenging role for the nurses.

Education in nursing cannot be confined to get the basic qualification of nursing. It has to be a continuous process keeping pace with the latest developments in the medical industry.

The role of nurse educators in achieving this wonderful feat and also sustaining and advancing it for further progress is invaluable, to say the least.

It is the responsibility of the nurse educators to do the following basic activities:

• They have to design the curriculum for student nurses
• They need to develop the required courses and/or programs for teaching the student nurses
• They have to devise innovative teaching methods and guidelines to educate student nurses.
• They should evaluate the performance of the student nurses in a critical manner to evaluate the capability and understanding of the concepts
• They should document the activities, comments, suggestions and outcome of each activity, and be on the lookout for constant innovation.

Nurse educators should not only have master’s degree in nursing and also specialized courses in some departments, but should also have good clinical experience. They should not confine themselves to teaching in the nursing college and aspire to become a nursing administrator or dean of a nursing college.

They should also strive to improve the quality of the nursing profession but participating in seminars, presenting papers in nursing conferences and do all such things to improve the quality of nursing profession.

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