Role of nursing in healthcare industry

The role of nursing and nurses in the healthcare industry is very important. Nursing constitutes a major part in the employment in healthcare industry.

If you were under the impression that nursing is all about attending to the requirements of a patient lying in a bed, that includes bed pan services, then you have only a narrow vision of what the profession of nursing means and what nurses are meant to do.

It was Florence Nightingale, the lady with the lamp, who brought about a radical change in the way the profession of nursing is perceived. The dedication and the service-mindedness of the nurse is the one of the essential requirements for cure of the ailment as well as rebirth of a person from the patient’s stage.

The primary goal of a nurse is to extend general care for a patient and perform all such activities that might make the patient feel comfortable and help in restoring normalcy and relief to the patient.

The profession of nursing is always in short supply, and the demand far exceeds the supply of quality nursing staff in the world. The need for nurses is not felt only in the clinics, hospitals, or dispensaries. Nurses are also employed to work at homes where elderly people or disabled people live. Nurses are also needed on travel vans or ambulances for extending first aid and other essential services in case of emergency.

With the scope of healthcare expanding at rapid pace, the avenues for specialization in the nursing is also increasing at a faster pace. There is a need for specialized nurses at orthopedics, which is related to bones, geriatric, or the care for the elderly people, general medical services, pediatrics or children’s care, and such diverse activities.

A nurse has the primary role of taking care of the general health of the patient. The nurse should ensure that the place surrounding the patient is safe, hygienic, airy and has good sunlight or brightness.

The nurse has to ensure that the medications or treatment advised by the doctor is correctly administered to the patient at the appropriate time. Developments in the health of the patient before and after administering the medication, including the readings of temperature, and blood pressure, should be recorded and conveyed to the attending doctor to aid in speedy recovery.

The role of nurse gains further importance from the fact that it is nurse who stands between the safety of the patient and further deterioration in the health of the patient suffering from a disease. Without the intervention of the nurse, there is every possibility that the ailment, pain or disease that caused a person to become a patient become more aggravated. The nurse, under the instruction of the Registered Nurse, or the Doctor, takes all necessary preliminary steps that safety of the patient is ensured and that further deterioration in the health is arrested.

With the growing need for the services of nurses in the nursing industry, which is immune to the travails of economic conditions, one can take up this profession and have not only good pay package, but also sense of satisfaction and pride of having made an impact in a person’s life.

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