Salary Structure for Nurses

There has been a shortage of nurses across the world and this is not a secret! The profession of nursing is not only in but the salaries or remunerations paid to nurses are also indeed lucrative. Considering a current nursing shortage, all those who are still in dilemma to go about nursing course can now make no delay and opt for the Registered Nurse Certification from authentic universities or institutes. Qualified nurses can search for several nursing opportunities across the country and also can find some exceptional offer abroad.

Before you start hunting for the job, a flood of thoughts regarding salary structure for nurses may come in your mind leaving you a bit discomfort! You always wanted to learn what you can do all about nursing salary potential, which different fields in nursing can offer. Let us learn about salaries for nurses offered at various levels…

Nurse Salary Career Opportunity

When you think about career opportunity in nursing, you may like to learn about packages and perks offered to Registered Nurse. Overall, nursing salaries vary from organizations to institutes –depending upon several factors such as…

1.The level of Nurse Degree and Nursing Education
2.Experience in Years (especially in chosen field)
3.The cost of Living (the City and State where vacancy is)
4.The type of Work specified to the Nurse
5.Type of specialty the Nurse pursue

These are the factors coupled with the nursing career you select would influence the salary structure in nursing. Licensed Practical Nurses are typically paid high as they have been trained for their careers through couple of year educational programs.

In countries like United States, Registered Nurses are paid with quite a handsome amount. Staff Nearly 68 per cent of Registered Nurses are employed in hospital outpatient and inpatient (OPDs and IPDs) management. Furthermore, 32 per cent are employed in other places such as clinics, healthcare centers, nursing homes, and temporary health agencies etc. Nevertheless, to become RN, the students must earn a 2-yr Associate’s a 4-yr Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. Also, they must pass the NCLEX-RN to get registered nurse license valid across. Such qualified and experienced nurses are paid from $25 to $35 an hour.

Advanced Salary for Nurses

For those, who have earned their Master Degree in Nursing (focusing on particular medical field such as cardiology, urology, oncology etc.) are paid high. They are generally given a one-on-one patient case service almost similar to those that a super specialist physician would do. According to an unofficial survey, Advanced Practice Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) is paid from $60,000 to $125,000 (Source: Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow (NHT), 2009).

The salary for nurses also depend upon the employer type as in private firms, non-profit organizations, hospitals and companies would typically pay lower to higher (former to the later ones) salaries, companies being the highest payer.

In catastrophic financial slowdown event like global recession may bring nursing salary down but then the pendulum can swing back quite swiftly taking experienced nurses much higher in terms of pay.

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