Scholarships for nursing programs

The profession of nursing is becoming very popular. So there is a high demand for nurses’ world over. Nursing being a lucrative job a lot of people look forward to pursue the courses. But the courses being very costly some of the students find it difficult to pay for it. There are a number of organizations which offer scholarship programs to those students who want to pursue a career in the field of nursing.

  • HRSA Nursing Scholarship Program: The Nursing Scholarship Program is considered to be a cutthroat federal program. This helps out in awarding scholarship programs to people so that they may be able to attend one of the schools of several schools of nursing. Payments are made by this scholarship for tuition, fees, other amounts for the purpose of education, and a stipend for each month. The students are expected of offering their service for clinical purposes in return for this. Clinical services are offered by the students at some of the health care clinics where there is a shortage of nurses.
  • NAHN Nursing Scholarships: Students who are members of the NAHN and even enrolled themselves in associate, diploma, baccalaureate, graduate or practical or vocational nursing programs are offered this award. The academic qualification of the students is the most important thing based on which candidates are selected for the scholarship. Only a selection of Hispanic students is awarded this scholarship with the promise that they would offer their service as a clinical worker in the future. Students who are the citizens of the United States and also enrolled in a nursing school can only qualify for this particular scholarship.
  • Nurses Educational Funds, Inc: Students who want to pursue graduate nursing programs like masters or doctorate are offered Nurses Educational Funds or NEF. Nurses Educational Funds is a non-governmental form of scholarship program. A person should be a registered nurse who is enrolled or is just applying for masters or doctoral program of nursing. Such a masters or doctoral program of nursing should be accredited to NLNAC or CCNE. Students who have registered themselves for full time nursing programs only qualify for being awarded NEF.
  • Perinatal Nursing Graduate Scholarships: The March of Dimes offers annual scholarships to those students of nursing who have got their names registered for graduate programs of maternal-child nursing. There are a number of scholarships of $5,000 offered to the students of nursing. This ensures that the nurses excel in the filed of nursing for mothers and babies. Only those applicants who have their names registered for masters or doctoral level of graduate program in maternal-child nursing are eligible for the scholarship. After the scholarship is being awarded to the applicant they should have at least one academic term to complete. Also the academic term should be completed after the month of May.
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