Seasonal Dependence of Hospitals on Nurse Agency

The definition of Nursing Agency as appearing in Florida Statutes 400.462 states “A person who gets, makes the offering, does the promise for getting healthcare contracts for healthcare professionals like registered nurses, Licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, home health aides, companions or home makers, who are compensated by fees as independent contractors including, but not limited to, contracts for provision of services, to patients and contracts to provide private duty or staffing services to health care facilities licensed under chapter 395, this chapter or chapter 429 or other business entities”.

A nursing agency is a business entity providing nurses and normally healthcare assistants also referred as certified nursing assistants to person, who are requiring the services of health care assistants. The nurses get temporary employment through the nursing agency at the hospitals, care homes, and other health care providers to assist them during overload of work period or in situations of their staff on long leave to fill the necessity of the health care providers. Some of the nurses are sent to the homes of the patients, who require nursing care at their homes.

In US the Nursing Agency is also called nursing registry, being nursing staff providers on per day basis or for longer duration to the hospitals, medical offices and individual persons. The nursing agencies are small establishments managed by individuals.

Operating a Nurse Agency:

To operate the Nursing Agency one requires lot f funds, because the nurse agencies pay to the nurses as and when they work in a hospital, whereas the nursing agency gets the payment after 3 to 4 months. The nursing agency operates on a margin of 4 % to as high as 70 % depending upon the quality of the nurses engaged by the agency.

The nursing agency operates to meet the seasonal needs of the hospital. The hospitals prefer paying overtime to their staff during holidays instead of availing the services of a nursing agency for hiring nurses through them. In the summer months, when the hospital staff goes on vacations of long duration, there is good business for the nursing agency.

Nurse Agency requires lot of responsibility on the part of the operator in respect of the nurses being provided to the hospital involving undertaking of the liability claims on behalf of the nurse provided in the event any negligence or in-appropriate action takes place at the place of work in a patient handled by the nurse. There can be law suits pertaining to any injury to the patient occurred while the patient was under the care of such a nurse. The nurse agency must insure itself against malpractice conduct of the nurses provided to be on safe side for provision of damages in a law suit.

Existence of Online Nurse Agency Services:

In view of the present draw backs in carrying out the profession of the nurse agency and the technology advances offered by the internet the nurse agency now put up job boards on their website, whereby the employer’s need of the certified nursing assistant or any other required nursing professional can be compared with the data of Registered Nurses of the nurse agency. Thus a direct contact of the candidates with the employers can be arranged eliminating any liabilities on the part of online nurse agency.

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