Selecting Colleges for Nursing Career

In today’s competitive arena, there are a number of institutes with excellent track record of results during the previous sessions. A look into the past track record of the nursing institute under consideration must be checked before making a final decision.

Selecting most suitable Institute among many Colleges for nursing listed on the internet requires many factors to be considered like:

  1. The Institute holds Accreditation with a reputed University.
  2. The Institute is having many good reviews.
  3. The institute has Highly Proficient Faculty.
  4. Availability of Nursing Degree Education online.
  5. Support back up of the Faculty & staff.
  6. Feature of Virtual Class environment.
  7. It is located in the state you desire considering the convenience to approach.

These factors form the basis for selection of the Nursing Institute and ensure that institute fully satisfies the needs of the candidate as well as criteria of quality education.

Following are the Top Ten Nursing Universities/Institutes conducting courses for nursing degrees:

1. University of Washington, Seattle

The University of Washington at Seattle is a having excellent track record of result besides long history existence. The school has been awarded recognition for having excellent research record and provides education supported by latest technology for the students benefit. The school has set high quality educational goals, which include turning out new generation of nurse educators and highly proficient skilled nurses for in the field of diverse health fields. There is at present acute shortage of trained nursing professionals.

The school also offers 19 Master’s Degree specialized courses. The Nursing Graduates and nurse professionals are in a position to avail of many benefits by undergoing variety of continuing education courses offered and taught by experts in the fields.

2. University of Pennsylvania

The Penn nursing programs are providing an exclusively novel, absolutely modern and high tech, nursing program involving ultra modern technology setting ensures excellent nursing education environment. Penn has created a lab with multiple mannequins of patient profiles, which the nursing students can handle, while learning how to care for patients. These mannequins are used by nursing students as practice models. The uniqueness of the mannequins is that they respond exactly as a real patient shall respond.

In Addition to this lab Penn’s school of nursing makes use of Philadelphia Children’s hospital for teaching and training their nursing students. The school also teaches their nursing students use of latest electronic medical record technology.

3. University of California; San Francisco

In response to the need of highly skilled professionally educated and trained nurses, The University of California at San Francisco have done expansion of their nursing programs by increasing their capacity to admit more number of fresh students in the school. The Nursing education program has been developed relying on the principle of putting teaching, research, and practice together for turning fresh students to highly proficient nursing professionals. The school provides advanced education programs by enabling nurses having associate’s degrees for getting bachelors and master’s degrees. The school also offers nurses, an opportunity for getting masters or doctorate degree in the field of nursing.

4. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina; situated at Chapel Hill works hard, to develop leadership character in their nursing students. Students of the nursing programs are groomed for their careers in diverse nursing and medical designations like entry level nurses to scientific workers or educators. The University’s main effort is in relation to requirement of researching with modernization of infrastructure and directing efforts for increasing the capability and standards of teaching in the medical field. Students can obtain after duration of two years BS degree in nursing or has the option to carry on for getting advanced degree in diverse nursing fields. Persons holding a bachelor degree in other disciplines are eligible to get a nursing degree in a period of just 14 months. The school also has continued teaching classes so as to enable their graduates aware of the latest techniques practiced in nursing profession.

5. University of Illinois, Chicago:

The University of Illinois, Chicago has great opportunities related to nursing education activities. The University faculty is among recognized leaders in the nursing circle, who do the teaching based on personal practical experience. Students participate in clinical real time situations for practicing what is learnt. The curriculum has focus attaining practical experience, while continuing the all inclusive academic studies based on perfect curriculum. Admission to the nursing courses is based on competitive entrance. Thus taking care, that students are in interaction with peers having dedication to learning.

6. Columbia University

Columbia University’s school of nursing is situated in the prestigious Health Sciences campus of the University. The college feels proud of possessing practical clinic facilities to achieve experience at the NY Presbyterian Hospital which is also is situated within school’s campus. The school posses many prestigious distinctions of being first in many ways:

  • First with a Universal Faculty Nursing Practice plan.
  • First school having a status of a WHO collaboration Center for International Nursing Development of advanced practice.

Although school doesn’t enroll students for undergraduate nursing degrees, it has a number of advanced studies courses offering best accelerated courses, which attract many opportunities.

7. University of Texas, Austin:

The University of Texas provides programs for obtaining Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, a Master’s degree in Nursing Science, Doctor of Philosophy and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner course. The number of students enrolled are above 75 in the undergraduate nursing course. The school has association with many Research Projects having particular focus on practical life situations like:

  • Nursing Care of More vulnerable populations.
  • Assuring Quality of life for disabled population,
  • Prevention of Disease in Poor Section of Society.
  • The School has established a clinic managed by nurses, where nursing students offer their service to poor communities and acquire practical experience.

8. University of Pittsburgh:

University of Pittsburgh’s has nursing courses offering many opportunities of learning from the rich resources possessed by the university in nursing field. The school assures the courses and teachings to be comprehensive, which help in meeting successfully the most practical challenges nursing students face after graduation.

Students are made to participate regularly in many clinical situations experiencing practical knowledge of diverse possibilities of caring in the medical profession. The school makes available research opportunities to acquire in depth knowledge. Students can acquire a bachelor or master’s degree in nursing and avail advantages of continued education opportunities of the University after its Nursing Degree course.

9. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University school of Nursing attempts to provide practical skills to nursing students destined to be leaders in their nursing profession. The program offers a complete academic curriculum covering research opportunities, practical application of learning. The University’s emphasis is on improving present health services available locally as well as in global environment. Students are offered versatile offers opportunities:

  • Complete certificate course.
  • Complete two year baccalaureate course.
  • Complete accelerated 13.5 months course.
  • The University also offers many master’s degree courses leading to PhD degree.

10. Yale University

The Yale University has the credit of being the first University to offer an academic nursing course in place of regular apprenticeship course. The university is continuing as pioneers in the established tradition by them. Yale has the distinction of having collaborations with the leaders in the nursing profession by virtue of which there are good opportunities available to students for learning from them by meeting the leaders in the health care industry. Thus school has achieved name and fame being a leader in nursing teaching and stresses for developing leadership quality in its students. The students and faculty work with perfect harmony in the best clinical environment created by the University and offers excellent opportunities for research work to students. Yale University is very particular about discipline maintained by the students, while they are learning in the campus making nursing education a memorable past.

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