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Spectrum Nursing – Fountain Head of Fairs, Conferences & Seminars:

Spectrum nursing relates to scheduling of Career Fairs, events, seminars and educative conferences, which offer an excellent occasion to Registered Nurses and other healthcare professionals for enhancing their clinical techniques and move forward in their careers. These seminars are highly focused with a duration of one, two or three day based on the topic featured the details of which can be accessed from the event finder option on the official website.

Career Fairs: There are tremendous opportunities on an annual basis to satisfactorily meet Healthcare professional needs of regional recruiters, health care networks through hundreds of nurses and nursing organizations. The opportunities are in abundance for completing the continuing education credit with the help of live CE offers.

CE Seminars:  They help in making one’s resume strong thus gaining competency by participating in award-winning nursing educative seminars. One can take diverse courses related to:

  1. Case Management.
  2. Meditation Specialist Certification.
  3. IV Therapy Certification.
  4. Career Alternatives for Nurses.
  5. Infusion Topics.
  6. Starting Your Own Business.

Certain CE seminars are available for all healthcare professionals. Details of which can be found in each CE event.

Conferences: They are of great help in ensuring remaining up to date with latest practices in respect of Registered Nurse education. Earn continuing education credit, by attending nursing conferences. In the past the topics covered are included in seminars at national meetings such as the Nursing Network on:

  1. Violence against Women.
  2. Frontiers in Psycho-neuro-immunology.

Blending Vocation with Vacation® Tours:

One gets opportunity, to see the world, while expanding the practice capabilities. One gets opportunity to travel in company of other nurses and healthcare professionals and in the process enjoy 5-star vacations besides earning contact hours away in distant lands. There shall be in a position to have tour foreign hospitals, opportunity of interaction with physicians & nurses, and also receive teachings from national fame leaders in nursing education. One can accompany family and friends while participating in nurse vacation tours.

Career Fairs:

There are also only of its kind job fairs, which are held coast to coast for providing service on a broad reach basis. Thus the versatile features of cutting-edge continuing education sessions are taken up by America’s most renowned speakers for which one yearns to listen to them. The wonderful thing is it is totally free during the entire event period.

Nursing Spectrum and Nurse Week’s have joint and free Career Fairs, which is an opportunity for Registered Nurses to get their resume considered by leading HR professionals. There is help of renewal of their CPR certification restricted at some locations and get an occasion of meeting local and national employers and in the end there great value prizes to be won and network with colleagues.

These seminars can be attended after paying the requisite fee fixed for each seminar and one shall be highly benefited by participating in these seminars depending on the topic of choice in learning about advancements taking place in the healthcare field and increasing the horizons of professional knowledge and mastering new skills. The speakers at these events have been selected keeping in view their status in the nursing profession and have thorough knowledge up dated knowledge of the topic. These programs details are found on all the related nursing news sites, with links to online information and reservation for the event.

The topics for the events are very diverse, the details of Topics and Locations is as given below:

February 2010

Topic – Celebrating the Pride and Passion of Nursing Date Feb.10 | Location League City, TX

Topic – Meditation Specialist™ Certification. & Retreat 2: Expand Your Practice. Teaching Tools for Meditation. Date Feb. 20 | Location Honesdale, PA

Topic – Career Alternatives for Nurses® Date Feb. 22 | Location Atlantic City, NJ

Topic – How to Start Your Own Business or Consulting Practice Date Feb. 23 | Location Atlantic City, NJ

Topic – Intravenous Venipuncture Certification Date Feb. 25 | Location Mercerville, NJ

March 2010

Topic – Meditation Specialist™ Certification | Retreat 2. Expand Your Practice: Teaching Tools for Meditation Date March 11 | Location Petaluma, CA

Topic – Best in Class Case Management: An Introduction to a Leading Edge Practice Date March 22 | Location Atlantic City, NJ

Topic – Intravenous Venipuncture Certification. Date March 23 | Location Santa Ana, CA

Topic – PICC Lines: Clinical Monitoring and Complication Management. March 25 | Location Santa Ana, CA

April 2010

Topic – Direct to Consumer Case Management: An Entrepreneurial Prescription for Better Patient Outcomes Date April 12 | Location Philadelphia, PA

Topic – Best in Class Case Management: An Introduction to a Leading Edge Practice April 19 | Date April 12 | Location Philadelphia, PA

Topic – Intravenous Venipuncture Certification. Date April 27 | Location Boston, MA

May 2010

Recovery & OR Nursing Review CERTIFICATION TEST PREP REVIEW. Date May 26 | Location Newark, DE

Topic – Medical-Surgical Nurse Review CERTIFICATION TEST PREP REVIEW Date May 27 | Location Newark, DE

Topic – CEN/CCRN/PCCN Review CERTIFICATION TEST PREP REVIEW. Date May 28 | Location Newark, DE

June 2010

Topic – Phlebotomy Procedures for Drawing Blood Samples June 17 | Location New York, NY

July 2010

Topic – Meditation Specialist™ Certification Retreat 1: Build Your Foundation: How to Heal, Nourish and Transform Your Life. Date July 8 | Location Petaluma, CA

October 2010

Topic – Meditation Specialist™ Certification Retreat 1: Build Your Foundation: How to Heal, Nourish and Transform Your Life Date October 10 | Location Honesdale, PA

June 2011

Topic – Meditation Specialist™ Certification Retreat 2: Expand Your Practice: Teaching Tools for Meditation. Date June 23 | Location Petaluma, CA

October 2011

Topic – Meditation Specialist™ Certification Retreat 2: Expand Your Practice: Teaching Tools for Meditation. Date October 9 | Location Honesdale, PA

Seminar on Continuing Education:

A seminar on continuing education brings an invitation to become most prestigious Certified Meditation Specialist. Completing the certification means, enhancing one’s competence, become ready to use the techniques and tools learnt about at retreat one in the real practice. Joining the event of Retreat two is available to persons, who have accomplished retreat one or clinics one & two.

One need to travel to the Retreat Center located among beautiful Pocono Mountains and attending the Six-Day Professional Continuing Education Seminar for learning the teaching tools of focused consciousness. The principles of Meditation teachings can be Integrated in multiple settings – like:

  1. Long-term care facilities.
  2. Hospitals,
  3. Veterans’ Administration Services.
  4. Out Patient Departments.
  5. Community Health Centers.
  6. Private Practice.

The Topics of Discussion of this Specialized, Cutting-Edge (CE) Class focuses on:

  1. The basic principles of Teaching Meditation.
  2. The Role of Meditation for Establishing Behavioral Changes.
  3. How to include Meditation for different Patient Populations and Healthcare Settings.
  4. Current Medical Information in respect of Meditation and Immunity.
  5. Cardiac Disease, Stress-related Diseases.
  6. Psychiatric and Mood related diseases.

The entire emphasis in the conduct of the practicum shall be based on:

  1. Teaching of the meditation sequence.
  2. The Five Steps of Focused Awareness in Meditation.
  3. Demonstration of the founding principles of healing by conduct of systematic meditation.

It is obligatory on the part of the Participant to Must Attend this Continuing Education Class fully and completing the Evaluation Form to become eligible for earning 36.0 hours of Continuing Nursing Education Seminar

Susan Taylor, PhD, is Director of Educational Programs and founder of the Center for Meditation Science, Inc. she is Highly qualified Nutritional Biochemist and Meditation Specialist having to her credit above 25 years experience and has pioneered her contributions related to mind/body Medicine.

Taylor is continuing her efforts for transforming the ways the meaning true health can be understood.

Taylor is the distinguished author and producer to the Healing Power of Meditation and The Vital Energy, which can be transmitted through audio programs, and the Meditation SpecialistTM Certification training for healthcare professionals.

Spectrum Nursing by virtue of diverse collaborations with leaders of renowned many healthcare professionals specializing in conventional and complementary healing systems, has created new avenues for promotion and improvement in health by application of natural processes which stimulate the mind and body’s own magnificent healing system without external intervention.

Meditation Specialist™ Certification:

Retreat 2: Expanding Power of Practice: By New Teaching Tools increasing Powers of Meditation.

Date: October 9-14, 2011

Commencement by (Su) 10/9/11 at 7:00 PM
Ends (Fr) 10/14/11 at 10:00 AM

Location: Honesdale, PA

Registration         Fee: $999
Early Bird : Incentive Offer Ends by September 18, 2011: $949

Faculty: Susan Taylor, PhD; www.meditationspecialists.com

Details: The Meditation Specialist™ Certification is a comprehensive course offering theory, science, and practicing meditation therapy focusing on application of meditation being a true healing science, which can be applied to most of health conditions. For Participants it is mandatory to participate in these two retreats so as to become eligible to get certification of Meditation Specialist™.

Retreat 2: Expanding Practice Horizons: By innovative Teaching Tools of Meditation and Earn 36.0 contact hours

Purpose: Providing participants the teaching tools of Focused Awareness for expanding the practice and teach; more particularly, how to do assessment of the needs of various populations and applying of stress reduction tools.

Objectives: The objective of Continued education is related to teach the total   aspects about Meditation to induce behavior changes, increasing awareness in meditation, improving heart diseases, reduce stress on the minds of persons, making acquaintance to the successes in meditation and help of meditation in Psychiatry.

Spectrum Nurse Devoted to Continuing Education:

Gannett Education, previously known by the name Nursing Spectrum, a Division of Continuing Education, holds accreditation as a provider of continuing nursing education.

Gannett Education holds also accreditations by the Florida Board of Nursing and the California Board of Registered Nursing.

Nursing Spectrum:

It is a biweekly magazine that delivers high quality editorial coverage that is informative yet quick and easy to read. The magazine features Local News where you can find news on what’s going on in your nursing community. Our Specialties section will help keep you up to date on specialty-related news and information, such as what’s happening in the world of Critical Care, Emergency, Medical/Surgical, Pediatrics,  Nursing Spectrum also contains highly regarded Continuing Education modules in every issue, in addition to drug news, clinical clips, career advice, and job opportunities.

Nursing Spectrum: It is distributed in 9 regions: Philadelphia Tri-state, Greater Chicago, New England, Florida, DC/MD/VA, New York, New Jersey, the Midwest, and the Southeast.

The magazine is made available free of charge to RNs living in the Circulation area.

Nurse Week:

It covers news and information related to nursing community. The objective is for delivering super quality editorial comments, which are critical and information packed at the same time is quick and comfortable for reading. The magazine covers local news besides well informed discussion of vital info giving an account of many nursing specialties with special devotion to Critical Care in emergency situations. To give advantage to the nursing community there are also extensive and latest Job Guide discussion in each issue.

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