The Past & Present Aspects of Associates Degree Nursing

If one recalls the past scenario of nurses’ education, most of the practicing nurses got their jobs without acquiring a degree in nursing. The times and settings have changed all around, nursing is no exception to prevailing changes affecting all fields.

There have been great transformations in the health care facilities centers. There are now regulations governing these establishments and the nursing staff working there. Universities and Institutes are operating training courses for Nurses leading to Certification and Degrees in nursing profession.

The online Education and training facilities are available now to get education in respect of Nursing. Obtaining a degree in nursing has become a distinct possibility, without having to leave the present job.

Positive Achievements in Health Care Industry:

Health care industry is a very dynamic sector experiencing fast expansion and there is great demand for staff to manage the growing needs. Since nursing sector works in three shifts round the clock, the demand requirement gets tripled, whenever there is a new expansion.

The new entry to the nursing profession is very easy. A person who has completed 10th Class Diploma having basic desire and passion are eligible to make an entry into the profession.

The new entrant is required to complete 75 hour class room training and basic clinical experience, before becoming eligible to appear in the certification program. After successfully passing the certification program, one works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. There after there is online education to become a registered nurse.

Unsurpassed Expansion to Meet Future Needs:

Healthcare sector is experiencing tremendous expansion. With the present education and training infrastructure, the freshly qualified nursing staff, makes entry with required education and experience. Chances for further progress have increased with the continuation of present expansion phase.

Registered Nurses have poised for great potential for further enhancement in a short period. Because of diverse employment potential their previous role confinement to bedside nurse has witnessed vast changes. Now they are employed by physicians and administrative jobs available with sectors associated with health care like attorneys, insurance companies, schools, ambulatory centers etc.

The Online Education & Convenience Mode:

The present scenario calls upon nursing student to acquire a nursing degree by joining online education courses and obtain professional nursing degree from Universities offering accredited courses under distant learning programs fulfilling the need of nursing students. After completing the education and acquiring degree in nursing students can fast progress further in the career their career?

Online Nursing degree is within reach of every one, provided one has a burning desire to excel in nursing career. The online nursing schools offer comprehensive education and training options enabling a person to learn basics from beginning to associate degree and advanced learning for a doctorate degree at individual convenience. The requirement for learning online is a computer and internet connection to access the learning from online nursing school.

The Self Evaluation for Progress:

The evaluation feature of the online nursing schools enables a candidate to quickly make an assessment, what one has learnt. Nursing practitioners are availing this feature all over US, UK and other counties of world to acquire online education.

With the help of Original and recognized degrees obtained online, one can further advance in nursing career, without their job interruption. Presently there are institutes, which have facilities of offering traditional as well as online various degree courses in nursing, but the popularity is of the online degree courses considering convenience and flexibility with reasonability of fee charged for the courses.

Considering the present opportunity and potential of career enhancement at the right time, thousands of nursing practitioners are enrolling themselves for online degree courses leading to RN, BSN, MSN degrees. Some of the online nursing institutes offer online more advanced courses besides traditional option.

Vital decision for a Promising Career:

Having made a decision for adopting nursing career one can search for various online nursing schools. There are a number of ways one can become a registered nurse select the most suitable option and based on the positive features of the school. One can join the best nursing school and become a registered nurse to fill the vacant posts created under targeted expansion plans.

The entry into nursing career and further advancement depends on the online or traditional course one opts to do. Following are three options:

The 2-year Associate Degree Course:

It stresses more on the technical capabilities of the candidates opting for this course. The positive feature is that after successfully completing 2 year associate degree course the qualified candidate becomes a registered Nurse in a short period and earns more money because of technical qualification achieved. Considering the financial gains it is a much better option.

The 4 Year BSN Degree Course:

The 4 year BSN has high degree of popularity, hence it has foremost preference. The entry to this course expects students to acquire knowledge of basic math, science and English, which find extensive use in the teaching of this course.

It has more number of job opportunities in the present scenario. The classified column in news paper lists maximum number of vacancies requiring a BSN degree qualified candidate for the posts.

Diploma Course:

Getting a Diploma and having 2-3 years experience was criteria about 4 decades old, when there were only few diploma schools. At present there are around 100 diploma schools, by getting a diploma in nursing one is in a position to get a job in a hospital or any other health care facility offering in patient health care service. One can appear in NCLEX-RN exam and qualify for Registered Nurse Registration.

Any of these entry options into the profession options can lead to a Registered Nurse Registration. The only difference is the type of job one can get.

The ongoing shortage of nurses is a great opportunity for both men and women to make an entry into profession by acquiring conveniently online degree. The job has certainty, good earning and respect besides excellent growth in the career by undergoing online continued education.

Role of Registered Nurse:

A Registered Nurse is an overall in-charge of a ward in a hospital. By virtue of educational qualifications they are having, coupled with long experience of working in close association with the doctors and the patients, they become a vital link between a clinical doctor and the suffering patient.

They have experience of working all the hospital departments by rotation of duties within various departments. Hence where ever they are posted they are in a position to offer their services to the patient with high degree of satisfaction. The certified nursing assistants work under the supervision of a Registered nurse, till gain experience and qualifications to become a Registered Nurse.

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