The Road to Medical School and the Race

The road to Medical School is full of hurdles and the race is participated by innumerable admission seekers mostly with no experience competing for few seats available and there is a very bleak future in sight because it is virtually impossible for all to be admitted in the medical school. As deduced by great nature’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest” this race also has similar outcome. The question is that should one just remain satisfied with this theory or one should struggle with a spirit of competition to be the fittest in the race.

The race is hard and there are worries to be faced and energy to be spent to keep going in the race armed with well filled AMCAS with not more than 15 top medical schools, having known their strengths, philosophies and any unique benefits and services they possess. These facts help what to write in the AMCAS application and subsequently the timely submission of secondaries on the basis of which a favorable decision can be made for granting the admission in the school.

Managing the Stress Meaningfully:

The medical school application becomes a source of stress till a final out come takes place, which takes a very long time ranging from half a year to quarter a year. This short period looks too long to bear, but this period can be well spent in some social work activity, which one can mention in the secondaries and describe it well at the interview making good self impression.

In the last phase of students become busy in beginning the activity of AMCAS preparing and sending to the medical schools, after which there is a long intervening period of before the time comes for submission of secondaries and still further the final result.

Majority of the students as the summer is at it’s end phase have already submitted the AMCAS, which is in the process of verification. In this duration some go for MCATs or shall become busy in preparing their secondaries, which requires day and night involvement. One should well advance prepare for the secondaries so that in a hurry there is nothing left in making the secondaries a well thought perfect shape content wise as well as appealing to the school to consider the student for the interview.

Comparison with Job Search:

Submitting an application to medical school is nothing less than making an application for a full time job. One needs to carry out lot of search undisturbed from various distractions in the process while finding a job. The same is true of completing the application and writing secondaries to maintain top position and getting interviews and final selection in the medical school. Such activities are basis of controlling the event of interview and achieving success in getting admission in a medical school.

One should resist from comparing with other fellow applicants, which is cause of anxieties. In case one feel like clearing some doubts or seek an advice the best place is reaching to a learned person or an adviser practicing in this field instead of a person who himself is in doldrums. Delaying any decisions or actions gives rise anxieties, maintain the concentration and focus on the problem and the outcome shall be quick completion and submission of application to the medical school after which is to plan writing of secondaries.

Sail to Success with Positive Attitude:

The period intervening months of September and December gives a sigh of relief and one should continue the normal activities, without feeling disturbed. The period is for weight and watch till the first invitation for the interview arrives. During this period maintain a positive attitude and let your passions drive you keeping the excitement alive. The good way you spend this period shall be the deciding factor for one’s success at the interview, because one is bubbling with enthusiasm which affect the interviewer compelling to select.

This is the period one should forget about application submitted and should concentrate on doing other activities which can pep up the mood and builds up inspiration to spend the time in a best manner, because after the finalization of admission once again one enters a busy and seriousness phase required to participate in the studies in the medical school.

Post by Jagmohan Chadha

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