Things to be kept in mind while preparing a resume

A resume is something which given an insight of you, your qualification and what all you looking for. Most of the selections for jobs are taken based on the resume. So it is significant that you prepare a proper resume with all the vital details like your qualifications, experience, what kind of job your interested your contact details and other personal details. While you have all the details on the resume, you must ensure that your resume should be a honest one.

Following are the some of the tips for making a good resume which in all probably should fetch a good job:

1. Make sure that all your personal details should appear on top of your resume. This information should include:

  • First and last name
  • Current address
  • Telephone number
  • Mobile number
  • and Email address

2. You mention your objective very briefly as well powerfully so that it catches the attention of the employers. As an employer would have to go through 100’s of resumes at a time it better to create short and powerful objective so it instantly attracts the employers. It should ideally be in such a way that employer should know what exactly can you do for them and that you are the right kind of person they looking for.

3. Next comes the education, ensure that you list all your educational qualification like High school, Graduation degree or Diploma and Post graduation. Also you must of forgot to mention the name of the institutions you have studied on.

4. Your previous work experience like the hospitals you worked for, the jobs and responsibilities which you handled in those hospitals should be mentioned. Also the areas which you specialized in the field of nursing should be written.

5. Ensure that you include all the affiliations such as the voluntary works which you have done in the past. If you have done voluntary works in the health card field like working for a nursing home or a hospital or even home health care. Even if you had done voluntary work for your own relative do not hesitate to mention it.

6. Mention references of people who are in good stead in the field of health care. It can be a Doctor, Your colleagues, the nurses you reported to u. You must also make sure the references are contactable also let them know that you have mentioned their name as a reference so that they can expect call and be prepared.

7. Do not forget to get tips on your resume according to the latest practices in the market. Also refer various top job sites in nursing which can provides tips on how to attract the employers in various ways in a resumes.

8. Must ensure that whatever things you mentioned as you know in your resume, you have knowledge of them because will asked questions based on that. If you have only half the knowledge then you are inviting trouble to found out by the employer which would be an embarrassment.

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