Thinking of a Medicine Related Career Change

In very rare instances some persons in their late thirties realize that they have been a carrying on in a profession of not their liking or choice, the entry to which perhaps been a folly. Some how they realize it too late and wish to revert back to the profession of doctor or nursing. They have question in their mind whether they shall be in a position to get admission in medical school.

As a matter of fact as far as learning is concerned, it is never too late. Perhaps the things would be a bit tough for the brain responses to again get back to education mode. One’s brain possibly can be little less sharp than the period, when one was in college days and as compared to other students who are much younger say around 20’s. One has to consider subjectively, if the decision in this direction, the rest of life may be spent in utter misery or one shall be compelled to continue the unlike profession or job in an unsatisfied manner.

Following suggestion shall be helpful and can be considered to take a decision, whether to go for career change or not:

  • Devote some time in self introspection, possibly this has already been done to assess the situation. In making a crucial decision one is advised to again spend more time for understanding self strengths and the situations. One should make identification of the principal aspect and achievements one shall get in medicine career the next phase of life by considering making change of career. All the pros and cons have to be understood.
  • With the assumption in case one still has an inclination in favor of choosing medicine career, it is time to have a counseling from a career adviser or faculty of the medicine school to know about pre-med courses and the options one is having. The least one has to do is joining a school for basic science programs besides some refresher programs. One can get the proper information and advice by online sources or get some specific printed material available.
  • One can seek a mentor, which can be a family doctor or any other practicing physician. The mentor can be highly useful and is source of happiness and satisfaction for movement in the desired direction.
  • The next step is choosing the medical school in consultation with one’s mentor and looking at the features of the medical school, which satisfies one’s need.
  • Now is the time to study standard tests after finding that one has the required knowledge the next step is to take Medical Admission Test abbreviated as MCATs.

With the assumption that one has now academically satisfactory background, the grades achievement, standardized tests scoring one should apply to medical schools subsequently a brief waiting period after which one is communicated the decision of medical school.

Changing one’s Career:

The fact is to be kept in mind one can go for career change any time and one can make required adjusting in the plan. Again in very rare situation the medical school option, there are other great options in allied field of nursing, where one can hundred percent join as a certified nursing assistant, by short paid training at schools the details of which can be obtained by contacting the State health Board.

The Requirements to Become a CNA:

Becoming a CNA has minimum educational requirement of 10th grade diploma qualification or as a GED. After undergoing, 75 to 100 hours training and clinical experience, one can become eligible to appear in written test and a practical test. The training for cna is available through traditional class room teaching facilities of a training school or an online training service provider, who is approved by the State Health Board for conducting the training.  After passing the written as well as practical test one gets certification to work as a CNA under supervision of a Registered Nurse.

One can learn the practical basics of the nursing profession while one is performing the job of a CNA. There are great options of continued learning to become a Registered Nurse after passing graduation examination in various intermediate stages and finally do post graduate and doctoral course in nursing and work as professional in fields of administration of hospitals or as educators in training schools.

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