Three reasons why you should be proud of nursing profession

One of the many jobs available for grabs in the evergreen healthcare industry is that of a nurse. The word nurse is more or less a synonym for service and reminds us of that one and only great lady, whom we proudly call as “lady with the lamp,” Florence Nightingale.

Before dwelling more on the merits of this noble nursing profession, let us pause for a minute to revisit the negative aspects that make people shun away from this profession in the first instance.

Some people consider the nursing job as a low-income job. The atmosphere in which a nurse often has to work is very challenging and also demanding. Looking at the difficult condition of the patients, dealing with their ailments, serving them and taking care of them, having to deal with blood, pain, suffering, and such other things require a compassionate heart and great amount of guts, mental strength and patience. Only a passionate heart with a helping tendency can overcome these obstacles and work as a nurse. There is no fixed time for the profession and a nurse might be called upon to assist at odd hours or work for long hours beside the patient. While these are some of the negative aspects in the job of a nurse, the satisfaction you get in converting a patient to a normal person dwarfs all negative aspects.

Nursing is no longer a mean profession. The demand for nurses is on the rise and there is always a constant scarcity in this segment of healthcare industry. The average pay for a nurse with basic qualification and little experience is about $30,000 per annum US dollar terms, according to latest available information.

Let us now look at the three important reasons one should be proud of choosing nursing as a profession.

By choosing the profession of nursing, you are expressing your innermost desire of caring and love for your fellow members sharing this world with you. You are fulfilling your desire to make a positive contribution in your life by improving the life of other people living with you. As a nurse, your positive contribution towards improving the life of the other person comes when you extend assistance by helping the patients cure from the pain or suffering caused due to illness or disease.

The second reason why you choose nursing as a profession is that you want to prove to the world at large that you have the requisite capability or the skills this noble profession calls for. As a certified nursing assistant or a registered nurse, you have the confidence in you to create and build fruitful relationships with the people at large and the patients in particular. Using your interpersonal skills, you instill the confidence in the patients that they can overcome the ailment and return to normalcy.

The third important reason that will make you feel proud is that you took the nursing profession not just for earning money or just grow up the ladder in the healthcare industry through specialization. Earning money is only one small part in the profession. You want to display and get recognized for your dedication and service to the needy people. Not everybody can become a nurse and achieve great success in the profession. It should be inculcated in your blood to extend selfless contribution to the humanity in general and the patient in particular.

If you can feel proud of having achieving any of these three reasons, then you are in the right profession – the noble profession of nursing.

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