Top 10 nursing colleges in the world

There are a number of nursing colleges throughout the world that specialize in offering training of nurses. These topmost nursing schools offer best education in the field of nursing. The top nursing schools offer instructions of higher quality, one-to-one education system, advanced technology and equipment and some of the best facilities to the students. Make sure you check out the tuition fees of these nursing schools. These nursing schools being the best have high tuition fees.

• University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee-College of Nursing: This is the largest nursing school in the whole of Wisconsin. Students can pursue an education in nursing by choosing one of the several courses of nursing. A full range of degree programs are offered by this university like BS, MS, PhD AND DNP.

• University of Wisconsin-Madison-School of Nursing: This particular nursing school is ranked among the top 20 nursing schools in the United States. The school offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BS), Master of Science in Nursing (MS), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) degrees to the students.

• Marquette University-College of Nursing: Marquette University-College of Nursing has a long drawn history of offering baccalaureate nursing education. It is basically a Catholic, Jesuit, urban university where the students can complete their nursing education. The college offers BSN, MSN, Post masters, DNP and PhD degrees to the students.

• Concordia University Wisconsin-Division of Nursing: It has been from the year 1982 that this school of nursing has been offering baccalaureate degree in nursing. Degree programs like BSN and MSN are offered to the students of nursing. Classes held for BSN programs offer education in adult education principles. Students seeking a MSN degree program in nursing are offered education for an advanced nursing practice.

• Sanford-Brown College: Training and education in nursing services are being offered by this college. This helps to train the graduates to deliver, plan and manage caring of patients in various different settings.

• Everest College: The objective of the nursing education offered by this college is to provide training as well as hands on experience of the entire course. Nursing students can choose from the different nursing courses offered by this college. Some of the nursing programs offered by this college include Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Vocational Nursing (VN), Practical Nursing (PN) and Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN).

• Curtin University of Technology: Undergraduate and postgraduate studies in nursing is provided by this college. The aim of the college is not only to make nurses who would be skilled as leaders, team members and critical thinkers. But at the same time they need to a trained professional who can be empathetic and caring and would respect varied values and beliefs.

• Flinders University: Studying nursing at this college would be highly enriching as various teaching and learning methods are used for it. The students can choose from the various courses offered by this college. The courses on offer by the college include undergraduate nursing, postgraduate nursing, undergraduate midwifery, honours, combined degree, research higher degrees and postgraduate midwifery.

• St. George’s University: Get a BSN degree from this particular to pursue a career in nursing. There are two different phases in which students are offered this degree. The first phase comprises of an Associate Degree of Nursing for two and a half years. In the second phase individuals complete their bachelor’s degree in nursing.

• University of North Dakota-College of Nursing: Nurses can have a very strong background in graduate education in this college. The college offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree to the students of nursing.

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