Travel Nursing Origin and Expansion

The origin of traveling nurses was in the year 1920. The best option for nurses is to become a traveling nurse as it will fetch more money and it is a good option too. These nurses came into picture due to few nurses available those days. In the USA there are few nurses present still at few places and hence, traveling nurses are wanted at those places. The number of companies for this kind of nurses is about 340 and about 25,500 nurses work at those companies in the USA. As the name suggests the nurses need to travel to different parts of the country and each session of job lasts for about four to fifty two weeks. There are also long sessions of about one to two years for those who need to work outside the country.

The advantage of being one of these nurses is you get to see almost all sort of countries, experience the varying seasons and you get to know more people. It is the nurses who decide how long to stay in a specific place or country. It may be one month or even a year.

Steps to become a travel nurse:

The most important step is to become a registered medical nurse. He/she needs to have completed nursing degree from an affiliated college or nursing school. The nursing degree is of many types. One can achieve either one or more of the degree mentioned below:

BSN degree of four years duration

ADN program of two years duration

Nursing diploma of three years duration

An experience certificate of one year as a registered practitioner is also required. It is better to have experienced as a traveling nurse so that you can get into the job easily. The experience required is more in case of a traveling nurse abroad. Experience of about two to three years is required in such cases. Three years of experience is required in LPN/LVN nursing jobs and about two years is needed for rehabilitation, psychiatric nurse jobs and med-surgery. Thus, experience varies according to the specific specialization. To work in the USA license to practice as well as passing the NCLEX-RN examination is a must. There are many nursing companies which will guide you about the exams and other procedures.

Primarily easy to adapt nature, approachable personality and has a good communication technique is needed apart from other requirements like knowledge and experience.

There are agencies as well as companies for these nurse jobs. They help in guiding with the procedure as well as getting a job in hospitals. They also help in providing with the amenities like housing and registration with local authorities. One should select the best agency or company so that they will be guided accordingly. Whenever one gets a job, he needs to inquire about health insurance, salary and other benefits, housing, clinical support, loyalty programs and work assignments.

The requirements can be told by the agency or the company who will help in meeting the requirements of a traveling nurse. The entire procedure after the appointment order may takes place for about a month.

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