Trend Reflections in Favor of Young Nursing Workers

There is a great change in the present day Nursing Scenario, reflected by very young nursing workers taking their positions with lot of responsibility and understanding, as compared to the scenario prevailing about two decades back, when the middle aged and old nurses were seen every where. This is a good sign of young nurses taking charge and management of the profession.

According to Peter Buerhaus, RN, Ph.D., FAAN, while acquainting Nursing Leaders from Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC about the challenges of the nursing workers, she put across a fact regarding Average Age of the Registered Nursing workers, who  now a day are very young in comparison to the past years data. It was revealed even now there is shortage of nurses, but the real acuteness phase is over for the time being.

The favorable factor, which is evident from the present trends, is about changes in the shape of work force. Presently lot of younger nursing workers, are opting for the nursing profession. The number of nurses as on 2008 in the age group of 23 to 25 has recorded multifold growth over the period before 2003.

Rapid increase in the Registered Nurses recruitment to the extent of 250,000 after 2007 in the hospitals is reflected in the statistics available. At the same time there has been sharp fall in the number of nurses within the range of 50 to 64 and they are growing at fast pace, but likely to retire, when the economy recovers back.

The last few years has witnessed dramatic improvement in nurses’ performance and satisfactory working conditions, associated with good nursing care done by them.

There is need to give attention to workplace injuries in the face of hostilities related to use of abusive language accelerating to involvement of physical violence incidences.

There has been rise in the work place injuries observed, which are around 45 % in 2008 in comparison to a lower incidence of 41 % in 2006. At the same time there has been marked increase in the cases of Sexual harassment and hostility which stands at 23 % in 2008 as against only 19 % in 2006.

Nuerhaus has called upon the nursing profession leaders, not to get carried away by the present good scenario, the preparations for the targeted future projections have to be continued relentlessly so that the shortage threat can be averted in the times to come.

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