Urgent Need of Computerization in Nursing Care

There have been tremendous changes affected in the working of the hospitals with computerization taking the place of manual recording. But as far as nursing protocol and patient history is concerned, it is still following the same old path, it is a common practice for the nurse going off duty, when the new shift begins the outgoing nurse briefs the incoming nurse about the health status of the patients in the previous shift.

There is possibility of devising nurse care plans with the aid of vast changes in the technology influenced by advancement and conveniences with which new technology can be adopted by the nurses. Having made nurse care plan for a patient on the computer and with the advantage of networked computers any of the health care professional can have access to specific nurse care plan and implement the same. The advantage is the nurse can update any changes considered necessary and the concerned nurse after change of duty can view the nurse care plans and implement.       

Now there is no necessity of looking at the notes left by the previous nurse, every thing one can find updated on the computer. The important messages can be communicated through computer boards.

Welcoming Revolutionary Changes:

Modernization of facilities at Nurse Care Plans is welcomed by all, rather it is being awaited eagerly. The nurse station should have the looks of as flight board at air ports, where all current information is displayed so that the nurse learns, which patient is coming and which one is likely to go so that necessary preparations can be made of receiving the patient or sending the patient with completed discharge records. With all the data available on the board one can update the details of what happened during the shift and act in administering of medicines viewing the prescription of the doctor.

Instead of passing the information to one nurse, who communicates with subsequent nurses orally, there are chances of communication gaps and resulting into lapses of grave consequences for the patient under treatment.

The change is taking place slowly, but one day the above is going to happen, the earliest the better. Medical community is used to computerization. The medical documents are already on the computers leaving the paper bound documents far behind and all this happened in few years only. The hospital administrators shall also realize this and shall go ahead with the plans. Every one shall be working independently saved from the dependence on others for petty things.

Drawbacks of Paper Documentation:

Patient’s history requires lot of paper work and difficult to store and search manually, whereas after computerization patients histories can be searched online from any where within the hospital complex from a computer terminal by the doctors, the registered nurses and administrators.

This shall bring speed, efficiency and accuracy besides there shall be no need of manually searching, storing. Taking the heavy to the right person after lapse of crucial time and bringing it back to be stored can be avoided. There shall be lot of saving of man hours of orderlies, which can be saved for other tasks.

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