US Health Care Package -Effects of Migration of Canadian Registered Nurses

The popular health care package US is implementing to meet it’s growing need of nurses in US, will directly effect the migration of Registered Nurses to US, if the state Governments do not plan measures for retention of it’s Registered Nurses. It is expected in about next decade Canada shall experience acute shortage of nurses to the extent of about more than 60,000 as pointed out by the Canadian Nursing association.

As per the data available in respect of year 2007 Canada had strength of 217000 registered nurses and had still been facing the deficiency of 11,000 nurses. It is to be realized that potential of migration avenues are present next door, we have to prepared with matching facilities to prevent the migratory trends.

Sourcing of registered Nurses by US from foreign Lands:

The happenings in US in relation to their need of 750,000 registered nurses by the year 2020; it should be viewed as a threat to migration of our registered nurse unless at par financial packages are in place to discourage the migration.

While in US, the democratic leaders are optimistic and offer their support to Obama’s health care plan at the same time the republicans hold bitter opposition to it. If the proposed health plans get accepted and implemented, it shall direct the search of registered nurses required in US from foreign lands and Canada is the nearest region.

By this time the US shall also have recovered from the present recessionary trends will further boost their efforts to search for nurses abroad.

The effect of recession all over the world had for the time being reduced the admission of patients resulting temporary fall in demand, recovery from the recession shall the increase the demand of nurses with the improvement in economy.

This has been further confirmed from the estimates of US labor Department in respect of increase of nursing jobs category in comparison to other categories. The individuals involved in health care feel that for more than 2 decades they faced stiff circumstances to arrest the movement of nurses to US, now there are encouraging circumstances supporting the migratory attempts by registered nurse unless a correction is devised now.

The Incidence of Nurse Poaching in the Past:

During the early 90’s the activity was labeled nurse poaching, by the rampant activities of recruiters efforts to snatch from Canada all category of healthcare professionals offering better opportunities in US.

Some quarters in Canada feel that the Registered Nurses shall just pack their luggage and migrate if there are no counter offers from the Government.

The situation favoring migration is that 70 % of nurses jobs available in US were of full time nature as compared to many state units offer nurses offer part time jobs and they have to work for two employers to manage their financial needs covering lot distances daily in between the location of their employers.

Great numbers have been lost in the past, and the association had faced difficulty to keep the nurses lured. The state government had to guarantee full time jobs for the nurses. Thus Ontario State was possible to increase the full time jobs by 70 %.

The Foreign Recruiters:

The Ghosts and Vultures are there to find the weak spots and start their poaching activities, because for them it is a business, nothing to do with the country’s interest.

Advertisements are seen on the Tronto subway platforms about the vacancies existing in Saudi Arabia. This is enough of encouragement to the nurses to work in Saudi Arabia. It is a state to worry for and take note of in devising better working plans for nurses.

As far as Ontario State, is concerned, there is need of lot of vigilance to ensure that the graduates in nursing are getting full time jobs, in absence we shall be responsible for showing them the doors of migration.

Considering the poor state of affairs at Alberta, which shall be in a position, to offer jobs, only for the 40 % of nursing graduates? The rest of 60 % shall be compelled to find job outside the province of for getting the employment. The statement was made by Mary-Anne Robinson, the executive director of the College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta.

The health regions resorted to cutting the budgets drastically during last year resulting into less number of Registered Nurses working for patient care, she said. In the situations when there is graduating class completing their course they are available for job and there are student loans to be paid by them, they are bound to look for a job, which becomes their immediate need.

More specifically driven by the local conditions the nurses of Alberta have become accustomed to look for advertisements in news papers, which are offering jobs overseas to them.

The expected focus is can we get them work in our state or country. The signs are not favoring that at this crucial moment, we shall not be in a position to hold them back.

Considering that by 2012, Alberta is going to need about 6000 registered nurses. The nursing shortage in Canada is similar to what is happening in the global scenario.

Bourgeault, who is holding a research position, in health human resource policy at the university, stated that she’s not much worried as she had been some times back regarding the effect of Obama’s plan, but she now feels concerned about the way things can happen.

She recalls when Canada had gone ahead in implementing medicare; Canada had witnessed instantaneously shortage of physicians. Thus Canada had a great influx of physicians from international countries. According to her perception Obama’s the first pushing for universal health care has already been unsuccessful and in all probability it shall not reach explosive state creating impact on the nursing shortage in the U.S. as it was once earlier feared.

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