Useful tips for a nursing student

Nursing is a noble and a passionate profession in that as a nurse, you will have the opportunity for making a vital impact in many peoples’ life. You are rendering an invaluable service to the needy patient and helping the patient get back to normal condition as quickly as possible.

While it may not be possible for a nurse to save all the lives, it is but sure that they try to put in their best and render unselfish service with the primary intention of saving the patient.

The only driving motivation that made you choose nursing as your profession is none other than your compassionate heart and the urge to provide help to the needy persons.

It is this motivation and urge that made you to step into the nursing school to learn the basics of nursing in an academic atmosphere.

You will be taught the fascinating subject of human anatomy in the nursing school, the details of how the body and the various parts in it function, how to keep the same in a healthy conditions, in what way these parts can get affected and how to treat the affected parts, and all other related things concerning the health of a person.

You will be provided practical training in laboratories such as how to find the veins in a body or hand to give an injection to a patient, how to find the correct veins in the wrist to assess the body temperature, how to put stitches on a wound or a torn skin, and also how to dress a wound. You will be given adequate training and theoretical knowledge about the intricacies of nursing.

The training you get and the theory you learn will be of very little use when you actually step into the hospital and do some real work with the patients. The practical atmosphere is totally different one, and you should be mentally and physically prepared to face a huge challenge of adapting yourself as a nurse in the dispensary or hospital where your services are required.

You should be prepared to take things with a smile and should not be afraid when faced with blood, stools, vomit, flesh, and unpleasant odor. You should learn to live with that and also be prepared to clean and ensue that cleanliness is returned to the place as early as possible.

As a nurse, you should have the dedication and motivation to provide services to the patient and ensure that the general care of the patient is ensured. You should learn to treat the patients with a smile, try to understand the pain of the patient and should console them with soothing words and nice mannerism such that the patient does not worry too much about the disease and extend all possible assistance to you in executing your duties of ensuring general safety of the patient.

Preparing yourself mentally for the challenges, acting with a brave heart and a strong body, caring for the well-being of the patient, understanding the problems of the patient and providing a sense of confidence about yourself in the mind of the patients is very essential for a nurse, and as a nursing student taking up this noble service, you should equip yourself with these traits apart from a thorough knowledge and expertise in the theory and application of nursing principles and procedures.

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