Useful tips for newly graduated nurses

Congratulations. Your dream or passion to become a nurse is fulfilled. You have graduated from the nursing school or college as a nurse and also found employment in a hospital or a dispensary.

Nursing is not just a profession you took up to earn money. It is a great honor to be in the nursing profession, because as a nurse, you will interact with innumerable people in the form of patients, and will strive to make an impact in their lives and also making them normal people. You should treat each and every patient with respect and dignity, and should do your best to help them cure from the ailment.

Do not have any pre-conceived notions, and approach your profession with an open mind. Be brave enough to accept your mistakes or to tell the truth as to what you know and what you do not know. Do not create any fake confidence to the patients or others with whom you interact as part of the profession.

As a nurse, you should keep your mind open, especially while caring for the patients. If you approach the patient not only with an open mind but also with humbleness, then you are likely to get co-operation from the patient that will help in speedy recovery.

Cultivate the habit of treating the patients as one of your own kith and kin or close relatives. What the patients need in times of pain and distress is some sort of consolation and confidence, and it is the responsibility of the nurse to provide that good feeling.

When you join an organization or hospital as a nurse, you become a representative of two things. As a nurse, you are a representative of the nursing profession and any activities you do as a nurse reflects the nursing profession. Similarly, as an employee of the hospital, you represent the hospital and as such carry the value of the organization. You should do justice to both the roles you play. You should be constantly aware of these roles and act accordingly. Involving yourself in careless conversations in public places should be avoided and also you have to ensure that you maintain patient confidentiality.

By following these simple things, you can establish yourself as a good and successful nurse in your career and be the recipient of love and affection from the patients.

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