Useful tips to qualified nurse for displaying good bedside manners

The primary responsibility of a qualified nurse is to extend treatment and ensure general care of the patient. It is not just sufficient that adequate and essential attention in the form of medication and treatment is provided to the patient. The patient should feel comfortable and happy with the mode of treatment as well, because how nice may be the medication and treatment, it is the manner in which it has been administered that makes a difference.

The professional approach adopted by a qualified nurse in exercising her or his duties will be on display through the bedside manners. These bedside manners, apart from satisfying the patient, will also portray the quality of nursing profession and your attitude and character towards your nursing profession.

As is well known, the nursing profession requires the motivation, determination and the keen desire to help people cure at an early date. More than the medication, it is the compassion, that little smile on the face, the tone, and mode of the voice, and the care with which the nurse does the routine duties that makes the patient feel comfortable and respond positively to the treatment.

Good bedside manners not only make the patient feel good and satisfied with the performance of the nurse, but also paves for a good patient-nurse relationship. The activities of the nurse are always under the scanner of the patient’s eyes.

Nurse, on his or her part, should be aware of the responses of the patient for the bedside manners. A grinning face, or on expression of uneasiness or anger in the face of the patient is a clear signal of unhappiness about the nurse. As a nurse, you should not allow that to happen while executing your bedside manners.

It might be possible that you are under stress or pressure of work. But that should not impact your bedside manner. You should be mentally enough and should ensure that the baggage of stress or pressure is not affecting the treatment of a patient.

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