Using Personal Approach in Medical School Essay

Medical school essay required to be submitted for seeking admission to the medical school, in fact is very simple and there is no need of literary skills, because the writing of essay revolves around personal matters. There are two challenges one faces, which are to be kept in mind while writing the essay.

  1. The first challenge is that admission to the medical school is highly selective.
  2. The second challenge is that Health care is an industry, which has no effect of the market scenario resulting into higher number of applicants in this category posing enormous competition.

In order to ensure that you succeed in getting medical school admission one requires stress a lot to make the essay more effective incorporating personal statements made in the AMCAS, bringing out clear reason, why one wishes to become a doctor in preference to other professions.

Reflect your Personality in Medical School Essay:

It is here the personality details of the individual plays a crucial role, whether the application shall be considered or not for selection in the medical school.

Selection in a Medical school is very tough in comparison with other graduation college education. Spending time in enjoyment in frequent entertainment parties are totally absent, because one does not get free time being busy experimental work, scientific research, practically working with senior doctors learning to examine the patients. Being in the medical school means remain busy studying even if there are no examinations.

Certain students having got selected in the medical school drop out of the further studies due to two factors:

  1. Because of their difficulty in coping with the stresses of the busy schedule.
  2. The passions of the student to become doctor are not as strong to be able to cope with the hard schedule of work and studies required of them to be successful in the profession.

The admission committee finds it hard to identify at the selection stage the probable drop out candidates from the details of AMCAS and secondaries essay submitted by such candidates as well as the GPA and MCAT score does not indicate any signs of such a probability. Considering prevention of such incidences the objective of a medical school’s admission formalities is to make the candidates face a hard time, to determine how much pressure and the tensions one can bear, while studying in the medical school.

It is expected that both the application and the essay details are in a position to satisfy their underlying objective. The candidates, who get selected for admission into medical school, are the ones who have taken care that their essays clearly reveal their passion and their firm decision to achieve the goals.

Writing Guidelines to Medical School Essay:

A job well begun is half done. Think of a real experience of interaction with a person who influenced you to choose medicine as your career option. There could be very diverse possibilities influencing your decision.

  • It could culminate from an incidence in one’s life, where a near and dear could not be saved suffering from a disease with fatal outcome or the decision can be observing the family doctor, whose picture you had fixed in your mind and decided to go for medicine career.
  • There is nothing wrong to take such a decision, with presence of higher personal motivation the chances increase that one shall adhere to the career opted. If you have only the wish and no background incidence of motivation, the best action would be do not write a baseless wish in the essay.
  • One’s motivation can be linked to news of an award winning doctor or a community has great respect for such a doctor. Such incidences can kindle a desire to become a doctor. Doctors are often known for their excellent personal behavior, well mannered, has a high sense of professional courtesy and responsibility. They earn respect for their proficiency and the service they render.
  • These are the personal traits of a doctor, which can be claimed you possess and can write in your essay.
  • The success of a doctor depends if the doctor’s first step is to treats his patients as a human being, starting an interaction with the patient at the personal level rather than start seeing the disease in a mechanical manner and dispose off the patient with just touch of the hand instead of reading his mind first and later on the disease. Patient feels satisfied and builds a faith on which the treatment starts and feels comfortable.
  • Doctor gauges the sensitivity of the patients and adjusts his approach in a personal manner instead of straight away coming to the disease, which the patient has not disclosed because of lacking trust and belief in the doctor.

All these above points describe the personality of the doctor and to some degree you must have them only then the essay shall be read with interest for making a favorable decision by the medical school admission committee. It has to be remembered writing some thing false makes one blacklisted so maintain truth in your essay.

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