What do you need to become a nurse?

The job of a nurse is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs that make you feel proud of yourself and your profession.

What is that pride that comes with the job of nursing? Well, as a nurse, you can make a meaningful difference in a patient’s life. In simple words, it is the duty of a nurse to re-create a person from a patient.

The joy or satisfaction that a mother derives on seeing the growth of her child or the satisfaction that a teacher get when his student achieves high honors in studies is the other things that can be compared to the satisfaction a nurse get when the patient he or she took care of gets cured and becomes a person.

The ideal person suitable for the job of a nurse is none other than the women though there is no harm in men taking up this noble profession.

Why more women are preferred for this post than the men?

It is because of the compassion, the patience, and the meticulous care that women are generally supposed to have and most have in them, than their male counter parts, that make the ideal choice for this profession.

Irrespective of whether you are a male or a female, if you aspire to take up the profession of nursing as your career, you are supposed to, or should have, some basic qualities other than the certificate of nursing and some academic knowledge about the subject.

The first and foremost thing that is expected of you is that you should be willing to extend your helping hand to any person without expecting anything in return. Just the knowledge about the other person’s difficult must stir you to help the other person without sparing even a second or two to think about any other issue. In a nutshell, you should have in you that helping tendency and should be ready to extend help naturally without being instructed to or advised of such help.

You should not only have a helping nature or tendency to extend your helping hand to others. You should also have in you the tendency to extend love and affection to the other person without any expectations, such that the other person will get relief from any suffering or ailment.

The job of a nurse is a challenging one demanding utmost care and attention and even severe stress at times. As a nurse, your responsibility would be take general care about the patient and help him or her return back to normalcy. You may have to be calm, compassionate, caring, loving, and trustworthy to the patient because the patient needs to extend the requisite support and assistance by heeding to your instructions.

You should also have some good interpersonal skills as some patients might find it difficult to digest the disease they contract and may feel panic and might not respond to the treatments in an effective way. As a nurse, you need to socialize with the patient, helping him or her with kind, and motivating words and ensure that he is not mentally depressed due to the ailment. Not only is the patient, but also the families of the patient needs to be consoled and motivated to face the situations. Nurse should be capable of handling the pressure, the challenge, and problems with a smiling face and strive to achieve the goal of re-creating the person from the patient he was.

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