Where do you find nurses in a hospital?

Health care sector in general, and hospitals in particular, require the services of the nurses for effective and efficient services to the people requiring attention and care.  More than 50% of the manpower in the sector comprises of professionals in nursing, and the demand for quality nursing care and qualified nurses is on perennial short supply.  Gone were the days when nurse is viewed as an attender or a person providing bedside care to a patient in the ward of a hospital.

Nurses find their presence felt in every area of the hospital or health care center, and invariably, they are the first line of service providers to the patients.

Typically, a nurse will be required in almost all the areas requiring attention.  The following are some of the areas where you can, in a hospital, invariably find a nurse or a team of nursing staff.:

  • In the general ward or special ward of a hospital, providing bedside assistance to ailing patients
  • In Intensive Care Units, or Emergency rooms
  • In the operation theater, or trauma center
  • In the X-ray department providing assistant to the X-ray technician for preparing the patient for X-ray
  • In diagnostic rooms for taking ECG, or other specialized tests and diagnosis
  • In surgical wards, providing assistance to the operated patients
  • In the dressing room, for providing dressing to wounds to the patients
  • In the laboratory for conducting blood test and other routine tests for a patient
  • In the pediatric department, where children are provided treatment for ailments
  • In neonatal intensive care units, for providing assistance to the newborn babies
  • In obstetrics department, providing assistance and care to the new mothers or to-be new mothers
  • In psychiatric treatment centers
  • In other specialized departments such as cardiovascular department, neurology department, urology department and such other departments

Nurses will not be required only in the hospitals.  Even in helicopters, ambulances, flights, and such other modes of transportation invariably appoint nurses to attend to unexpected and unforeseen events related to health.

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