Leaving Work at Work – Tips for Nurses

If you are a nurse, then you know how fulfilling this career can be. You get to offer encouragement to those in need of emotional support, and you get to help bring the sick back to health. But there is also a down side to being a nurse. Not all of your patients are happy to see you . . . and not all of your sick patients get better. Sometimes you must give and give of yourself, when it seems there is no one to give back to you. How do you provide so much support to others and still get the support you need to keep going? Here are some tips for nurses when it comes to leaving work at work.
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Nursing 101: Preparing for Your First Internship

If you are training to be a nurse, or are planning on pursuing a nursing degree, then you most likely know that at some point, you will have to participate in an internship program. That is because in order to receive your nursing credentials, you must have a certain number of hands-on, work-related experience hours under your belt. Most likely, this training will take place in a busy hospital, and will really keep you on your toes. How do you prepare for this new experience? Here is a guide to preparing for your first internship:
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5 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who holds an advanced degree such as a master’s, Ph.D. or doctorate. Though there is a significant amount of additional clinical training and education involved, there are also a significant number of benefits. Those looking to enter the medical field or existing registered nurses (RNs) may want to look into becoming a nurse practitioner for several reasons.

Increase Skill Set

Nurse practitioners typically have different responsibilities than a registered nurse. This means they will increase or fine-tune their skill set. Having additional skills in the healthcare industry can lead to a number of additional benefits later on in one’s career.

New Opportunities, Higher Pay

With an advanced degree and additional knowledge, there will be several new opportunities for those looking to become a nurse practitioner. An advanced degree, whether it be a master’s, doctorate or Ph.D., can increase a person’s marketability. This can make it easier to find and obtain more desirable jobs.

Higher Pay

As expected, an advanced degree typically means a higher pay rate. It should be noted that some nurse practitioners may have a lower starting pay when first entering the field than a registered nurse. However, this typically changes as they gain more experience in their individual field. It is important not to compare a mid-career RN salary with an entry-level NP salary, as there will be minor discrepancies when first starting.
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How to Become a Nursing Instructor

Many people know nurses to be those scrub-clad medical professionals who care for patients in hospital, clinic, and doctor’s office settings. But what people often don’t realize is that nurses can also slide into teaching roles in order to meld the best of two very rewarding career fields: nursing and teaching. If you have considered training to be a nurse but are not sure that caring for patients is your thing, then you may want to consider becoming an educator of nurses, instead. Nursing instructors are responsible for training not only students, but also other medical staff, and may work in a classroom or clinical setting. You can pursue this multifaceted career by following these steps outlining how to become a nursing instructor:

Education. Of course, you must have the requisite bachelor’s degree in nursing, and the accompanying registered nurse (RN) licensing in order to even have a chance of landing a career as a nursing instructor. Most likely, though, you also will need at least a master’s degree in nursing or a nursing-related major. Some nursing instructors even have doctorate degrees.
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What salary must a Certified Nursing Assistant expect?

When you are just a fresh graduate of Certified Nursing Assistant then initially the salary may not be too high and it will vary as per the knowledge and skills of the person. There are many important factors which will determine the salary of a nursing assistant, but few aspects in the salary determination are vital like:


Is majorly important aspect to determine the salary of nursing assistant? A hospital in rural or a small town will pay less when compared to the big hospitals in urban areas, where the cost of living is high and there are potential people willing to spend on healthcare. There are many states having higher salaries for a Nursing Assistant. But if you can manage staying for less in a cheaper living, then this will work in favor. If you are a fresh nursing graduate, then this is your real time exposure for learning where you can even migrate to bigger city which will pay you more as per the desires and your needs. The best part in the medical jobs is that, they offer the job availability anywhere. Continue reading

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