How to Find Work as a Traveling Nurse

If you’ve decided to pursue a career as a traveling nurse, then you know how very exciting the prospect of getting paid to see the world can be. Not only do you get paid, but you get paid a lot. And not only do you get to see the world, but you get to work in a variety of environments, meet all different types of people in the medical field, and expand on your occupational knowledge in order to broaden your nursing expertise and improve your future career prospects. The decision to become a traveling nurse isn’t hard, all things considered. But finding that dream assignment may be a little trickier, if you don’t know where to look. Here are some tips for how to find traveling jobs for nurses.

Prerequisites. Of course, you must have a registered nursing (RN) degree to work as a traveling nurse. Additionally, you must complete at least one year in a specialty of your choosing in order to qualify to be a traveling nurse.

Staffing agencies. There are a number of medical profession staffing agencies that have listings for travel nursing jobs both nationally and abroad. Try searching the web for companies like Aureus Medical Group, Aya Healthcare, and MedicalExpress in order to find a database of available opportunities in any location you desire. Once you choose a travel nurse company, you sign a contract with them and, from that point on, they are responsible for providing you with the necessary resources to travel to your assignments, set up temporary residence in the assignment areas, and file all the necessary paperwork with the property authorities, if needed.

Shop around. It is important that you compare traveling nurse staffing agencies before you settle on one. Remember that there are many companies vying for your business, so don’t ever feel pressured to sign on with one before you’ve been able to do your research and make sure it’s the right one for you. Compile a list of agencies you are interested in – that offer the types of opportunities you are looking for – then ask their administration about pay, benefits, assignment lengths, and employment policies that may affect your decision.

Making the decision to pursue a career as a traveling nurse may be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. Now take your ambitions to the next level by finding the perfect assignments for you. Happy hunting!

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What You Need To Know About Medical Billing Coding Specialist

If you have proven that you have a want and a need to succeed in the medical field then you are among the hundreds of people that a wanting to start off their career in the medical billing and coding field. Medical billing and coding specialists will have the responsibility to sort through the physician’s notes, lab results about the patient’s signs and symptoms to find the patients diagnostics.

As many professional coders will tell you, this can be stressful, confusing and above all difficult in part due to the fact that it will involve quite a few rules based on guidelines followed by medical coders around the U.S.

Some of the most common questions asked by perspective medical billing and coding specialist include:

  • What can I expect out of a typical workday?
  • What is average annual salary for a medical billing and coder?
  • What type of training will I need to complete in order to gain employment in this field?

Keep reading and your will find the following questions answered.

As stated above, the career of medical billing and coding specialist can be very stressful. Medical coders have often been described as detectives. As they work to decode a patient’s medical chart they have to unlock the mysteries to their diagnosis to ensure that they accurately place it with the proper code. As a coder, unlike a biller, you will often be working on your own with little to no interaction with people. If you would rather work with people then you may want to look into becoming a biller.

Medical Billing and Coding Education

While there are vocational schools, college and even universities that will make it possible for you to obtain the education and skills needed to be employed as a professional coder. There are even some facilities that will provide you with training on the job. Training on the job generally will take years for you to become proficient as a coder.

Once you have graduated from an accredited medical billing and coding program you will then have to apply for and pass your certification exam also known as a CPC exam. Becoming a certified professional can make it easier for you to find a position as a medical biller and coder to allow you to earn a higher wage.

For more information on what is required to apply for the CPC exam you can contact the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) at:

American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
2480 South 3850 West, Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT 84120
Toll Free: 800-626-2633
Local: 801-236-2200
Fax: 801-236-2258

For more information on what is required to apply for the Medical Billing exam you can also contact the Healthcare Billing and Management Association at:

Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA)
1540 South Coast Highway Suite 203
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: (877) 640-4262
Fax: (949) 376-3456

Medical Billing and Coding Annual Salary

Since the medical billing and coding field is in such high demand it is expected that the annual salary for medical billing and coding specialist will also grow. Due to the various healthcare facilities and companies that employ medical billing specialist the pay scale will vary. When it comes to figuring the actual amount a medical biller or coder will make will also vary depending on location, training, current economy and above all your educational background.

Once you have figured in the entire variable mentioned above, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary will range between $36,000-$44,000/annually. On the low end a medical employee could expect to see a lower salary of approximately $31,000, while on the high end some would see as much as $48,000 yearly. It is important to note that the above mentioned pay scale, variables aside, will truly determine on you. If you work hard and receive the best possible training then you will begin to see your salary rise through pay increases and possible promotions.

About Author

Ceete Sheekels is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and a Certified Evaluation & Management Coder (CEMC) through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). She currently works as a Certified Professional Coder Instructor (CPC-I). Her years in the healthcare industry, CPC instructor certification training and her Bachelors in English and Literary arts makes her an ideal source for well written and well informed medical billing and coding specialist articles. If you plan on entering into the medical billing and coding field, you may wish to visit her website at AboutMedicalBillingAndCoding.Org so you can obtain the information needed to get you started on the right track in a high demand field.

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Quick Look at Surgical Technologist Salary

Although where you work, how much you work, and how long you have been in the field will all have an impact on your Surgical Technologist salary, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are making career decisions. You can have a well-paying career in this field, and a Surgical Technologist salary can logically be expected to increase as your tenure and experience grow. The field of Surgical Technology is expected to experience dramatic growth over the next few years, so your job is likely to be secure.

According to, the average salary for someone in this industry will be $39,819 a year. However, because that’s the average salary, that is probably not what you would make at your first job, straight out of college. You should expect to “work your way up” to that salary. Instead, you can expect to make something close to the lower end of the scale, which they report at being approximately $33,167 dollars annually. It might be nice to know that if you stay in this field, and love it as much as most of us seem to, you might make as much as $47,812 as your annual salary.

Your salary, of course, is being quoted before taxes, insurances and deductions, as well as any other charges that you elect to have taken out of your paycheck. You will also see that, if you are permitted and choose to work overtime, you not only will see the extra money in a paycheck, but you might be considered for positions in the future that allow for greater responsibility and higher pay. The amount of hard work and attention to detail that you show at work will allow you to progress more quickly into the ranks of experienced Surgical Technologists.

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Short Piece about X Ray Technician

I have been free lately, I decided to write an informative piece on topic of X Ray Technician. Please read the article and share your comments. I also wrote a short piece about Radiology Technician.

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Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound technicians are professionals who control ultrasound machines. These machines are used for creating images of blood vessels, internal organs and the issues for interpretation and analysis by the medical professionals for diagnosing diseases and ailments. Ultrasound technicians use the machine for tracking the growth and development of fetus in the womb.

Ultrasound Jobs:

The ultrasound technician uses the machine for detecting medical conditions of a patient through images generated by sound waves. The ultrasound jobs include other applications like abdominal sonography, ophthalmologic sonography and neurosonography.

Primary duties of the ultrasound technician job involve the following:

1.Offering details of the procedure and explaining what can be expected to the patient
2.Proper handling of the medical equipments
3.Keeping record of the patient’s medical history
4.Maintenance and safe keeping of the equipments
5.Assisting the patients for getting the best images
6.Keeping a track record of the patients
7.Offering clear and best images to the doctors to help in proper diagnosis
8.Preparing charts for work schedules

According to the reports published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a large number of technicians are working as health care professionals in the US. Most of them are associated with hospitals and rests of them are employed as private practitioners in the diagnostic imaging centers.

Ultrasound Technician Training:

Getting a job in this field largely depends on the qualifications, specializations and skills of an individual. In order to become an ultrasound technician one has to go through training in the field of diagnostic medical sonography choosing any of the following alternatives:

Training from vocational institutions
Training from hospitals
Training from armed forces
Training offered by the university or college programs which ranges between 2-4 years

The formal training programs which are offered are accredited by Commission on Accreditation for allied Health Education Programs. You are not required to possess license while working as an ultrasound technician in the US. There are organizations like American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers that offer certificates. Candidates are required to clear a general examination as well as specialty examination for registering with the ARDMS.

Ultrasound Technician Degree/Ultrasound Certificate:

Those who are looking for an ultrasound technician degree must follow the simple steps laid down below:

In the first step you need to choose a field in which you want to specialize. The Neurosonography, cardiac sonography, gynecologic sonography are some options which you can choose. Take up a field in which you have interest, this will help you to remain motivated through out the course.

In the next step you need to select and enroll yourself with a degree program. You can choose a 4 years bachelor’s degree from a reputed university or a 2 years associate’s degree from a technical school or college. There are online courses offered by the Everest Institute & Western Career College, the Sanford Brown College, and the Argosy University in which you can enroll yourself.

After successfully completing the course, you can take up courses in the field of sonography, medical terminology, biology, laboratory classes and anatomy.

Gain practical knowledge and training as an ultrasound technician. There is internship as well as externship opportunities offered by different kinds of clinics.

In the final step you need to clear the National Certificate Examination. The ARDMS or American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers conducts this exam. To receive the credentials the students must pass the 2 comprehensive examinations as well as the specialty examinations.

Ultrasound Schools/Colleges/Universities:

There are a number of leading institutions offering courses on ultrasound. Make sure the schools with which you enroll are certified by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs. Some of the very reputed schools are:

St. Vincent’s Schools of Medical Science situated in Florida offers a 1-2 years of certificate program. Students of ultrasound can specialize in vascular sonography, physics and instrumentation, obstetric, gynecological, vascular physics. Students are required to have a basic associate’s degree in the field of health care or hold certificate as a radiologic technologist. Some of the other prerequisites are completion of coursework in anatomy, medical terminology, algebra, physiology and physics.

Hillsborough Community College offers associate degree in which students can enroll themselves for classes in mathematics, physics and anatomy. The students who are enrolled in the program can undertake courses in the field of gynecological sonography, abdominal ultrasound, psychology and obstetrics. Students also have the option of going through the mini internship programs offered by the community college. The students get opportunity of participating in the federal and state financial aided programs.

Central Florida Institute is a non profit organization with campuses in Tampa Bay area and Orlando. An associate degree in science takes less than 2 years of full time course. The curriculum includes neurosonography, obstetric ultrasound techniques, gynecological, and abdominal techniques. The students enrolling themselves for the courses are required to undertake drug test. The Florida institute guides students with interview preparation, writing resumes, networking opportunities and career management.

Miami Dade College is one of the largest post-secondary educational institutions in the US. The students are required to pass an entrance examination as well as complete classes in physics, biology, algebra and composition. It is a 2 years course which offers 6 clinical rotations and classes in gynecological, abdominal, cardiac, neurological and Doppler ultrasound.

Online Ultrasound Schools:

In the wake of internet technology, there are a number of reputed schools offering health related online degree programs. Those who aspire to become an ultrasound technician can enroll themselves with the online clinical training programs. After completing the training programs, the students can enroll themselves with the certification exams. Some of the popular online courses from which you can choose are:

The online degree courses in the field of medical assistance offered by Kaplan University allow the students to undertake different functions in the medicinal field as an ultrasound technician. The online degree program offers “hands-on work experience” which helps the student pass certificate courses and get themselves placed in healthcare institutions and hospitals.

The online bachelor degree courses offered by South University in the field of health sciences prepare students for the role of an ultrasound technician. The curriculum stresses on building proper foundation in science and math. The online training program prepares the student for entry level positions. The South University is certified by Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Students can enroll themselves with the online associate’s degree in the field of medical sciences through the Rasmussen College. The online non-critical medical procedures, curriculum in science and anatomy prepare students for entry level positions as an ultrasound technician in hospitals and care centers. Students are required to study as an intern in any of the hospitals to qualify for the certificate program. The Rasmussen College is certified by Higher Learning Commission. It is one of the members of the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools.

Ultrasound Technician Salary:

The salary of the ultrasound technician tends to vary depending on the level of experience and education of the individual. According to the Salary & Benefits Survey report published in the year 2007, the salary of an ultrasound technician varies from $50,000 to $65,000. The salary structure of the technicians included: on call pay, overtime as well as the hourly salary. The hourly wages for these professionals is about $30/hr. The flexible options in the job allow the technicians to work on both part time as well as full time positions.

The salary of the ultrasound technician depends on factors which are stated below:

Individuals completing the certified program of ARDMS or American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography can expect to earn a decent amount of salary. It is a certificate program which one can opt for after completing the education and clinical training.

Experience counts. The salary of ultrasound technicians is largely based on the experience as well as the position. Those at the entry level earn half the amount earned by the chief technologists, the managers and those positioned in the senior levels.

Specialists like echocardiography (heart), neurosonology (spinal cord and brain), and obstetrics earn a lot more.

According to the ASRT or the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, the technicians who work with doctors in their offices earn about $ 62,014. It was more or less the same amount earned by the technicians working with nonprofit hospitals as well. Those who were associated with for-profit hospitals earn around $ 60,606.

The hospitals still continue to be the largest employer of the ultrasound technicians. However today, we find rapid growth in the demand for such technicians in the government facilities as well. Those who are considering a career in this field will definitely benefit from the job security, excellent pay and other advantages associated with it. With the excellent salary it offers, the job of an ultrasound technician has become one of the best options in the health care field.

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