Radiology Technician

Do you want a career in the field of radiology? You can choose to become a Radiologist Technician and help the patients carry out the radiological tests. As a technician you will be responsible for a number of important tasks such as taking the x rays, helping the patients perform examinations for determining their overall health. As a radiologist you will have to deal with the patients directly and use machines for generating medical images required by the doctor.

Core Responsibilities of A Radiology Technician:

You are definitely one among those important medical professionals who shall be responsible for the safety and security of the patients. Patients must be attended while using the machines to ensure that they are not getting hurt and following the right examination procedures for getting accurate results.

Apart from updating the test reports, it is also the responsibility of the radiology technician to conduct clerical duties such as maintenance of relevant paper works, official machinery as well. Moreover, tasks such as preparation of the work schedules, evaluation of the machineries purchased also falls within the purview of the radiology technicians. To make it short you shall be responsible for the management of the whole radiology department.

Bright Career Prospects:

In many parts of US the technicians as well as the radiology technologists are popularly known as radiographers. A radiology technician in course of his career becomes eligible for holding different kinds of positions. With training and hands-on experience there are many career prospects that open up for you. You can also work as radiology specialists and perform magnetic resonance imaging, angiography and tasks like CT scanning.

With further experience you can also be appointed as chief radiology technologist, supervisor or even as an administrator or director of the radiology department. Those who are interested can choose a particular area of specialization and work in departments of Angiography, CT scans and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. You can as well branch out to several other options such as the following:

Bone Densitometrist
Radiation Therapist
Ultrasound Technician
Mammography Technician
MRI Technician
Nuclear Medicine

Employment Scopes:

According to the research data, there are plenty of career scopes for the radiology technicians. According to the predictions made, the requirements for such technicians will double in the coming few years. Favorable job opportunities are predicted in the years to come.

From 2006-2016, a growth rate of more than 15% in this field has been estimated and this no doubt is a lot faster compared to the other occupations in the market today. The radiologists are expected to gain some worth mentioning benefits. The professionals who are experienced in the field of mammography, MR, CT and other imaging procedures are predicted to enjoy some of the best employment opportunities in the near future.

Apart from the hospitals which constitute the principal work station of the radiology technicians, there will also be growth of diagnostic imaging centers, medical centers and health clinics bringing about new job openings for these professionals. By the year 2016, the health facilities are expected to improve. This will be primarily brought about by technological advances and developments toward outpatient care. Most of the procedures can thus be conducted outside the hospital premise as well.

Radiology Technicians Enjoy Handsome Salary:

In terms of the salary that these professionals draw, it must be said that it is fairly a good amount. Around the year 2009 in US, the salary of the radiology technician was about $46,500 every year. Some of the states where the salary of the radiology technician is the highest are Nevada ($64,560), Massachusetts ($67,240), California ($61,780), New Jersey ($62,380) and Maryland ($63,810). About 80% of the employees in this field are males and the rest 15% are constituted by the females.

The salary of the radiologists tends to vary on the basis of a number of factors such as the experience and the position of the individual. It is very important that each and every individual possess the necessary clinical courses. There are certification programs conducted by the state which must be cleared. To create a strong foothold in the industry the right kinds of training are a must.

Brighten Your Career Prospects Attending The Radiology Schools:

There are bachelor’s as well as associate’s degree courses to choose from, if you aim to build a career in this field:

American Intercontinental University offers online courses in the field of Healthcare Administration. All the perquisite courses for radiology clinical technician program are covered under this accredited AABA degree offered by American Intercontinental University.

Some University prepares the students to manage radiology techs and prepare themselves in this field. The students can enroll themselves for the course after completing their BA in the field of Healthcare Administration.

Baker College Online offers degree in the field of Health Science Administration for all the eligible students of radiology technician.

DeVry University imparts all the necessary perquisites as well as the management skills that are required for emerging as a champion in the industry. The students are required to complete B.B.A. in the field of Health Services Management.

Herzing College offers online associates degree courses in the field of Allied Health. The course structure is designed in such a way that you learn about all the prerequisites for radiological technician clinical program.

Keiser University offer associates degree in the field of Medical Assisting program. The students can develop the entire compulsory radiology laboratory skills trough the affordable programs offered here.

Penn Foster College offer online degrees in the field of Health Information Technology helping the students to acquire all necessary skills.

Apart from this, the Rasmussen College, South University and Virginia College also constitutes the top ten radiology schools offering the most updated radiology technician courses for the benefit of the students.

Thus, you can very well find that the career of a radiology technician is very bright. All you need to have is the right kind of training and certificates to excel as a radiology technician.