Where to Find Free CNA Training

You don’t necessarily need to spend between 400 and 1000 getting trained as a nursing assistant for free. There are a number of ways to get free cna training. This can help if you’re in a financial situation that doesn’t allow you to pay for all or even part of a training program in being a CNA. Many people find themselves in the position of needing a new start financially but unable to afford educational expenses that may enable them to move into a more monetarily advantageous job situation. In fact that is the whole reason they can’t pay – they aren’t making enough money in their current position. So it makes sense that some training should be free. The following are some options to check when searching for free CNA training.

Hospitals and nursing homes

Hospitals, nursing homes, and continuing care facilities offer free CNA training on a fairly regular basis. Most of the time this takes the form of an agreement that is signed between the prospective CNA and the facility in which the student agrees to work for the facility for a period of months or years following completion of the course. The turnover rate is high in the CNA profession, so health facilities attempt to maintain well trained employees, and this type arrangement assures them that they will, for a certain length of time at least, get both.

Displaced Homemakers’ Programs

Many states offer what are called Displaced Homemakers’ Programs. These are programs that assist in the educational expenses of people that have had recent changes in their living situation that leaves them without the skills to enter the workforce. For example, a woman who was previously dependent upon her spouse for support may find after getting a divorce that she has no high level skills that can get her a decent paying job. Someone dependent for financial support on a family member who suddenly dies may find himself in a similar situation. Of these kinds of programs offer free can training programs to qualified applicants.

Scholarship Programs

Colleges and universities of all types offer scholarships, and scholarships to programs such as CNA training are often easy to get since there is less money involved than with standard academic degrees. Simply inquire to whatever institution you are considering about scholarships. If you get a 100% scholarship (usually awarded when you have good grades at another school and can demonstrate financial hardship), then your tuition expenses will be completely covered and you will go to school for free.

Local Workforce Office

Often there are state office called workforce or workforce development offices that offer free training in order to stimulate job activity in a certain profession. Since the CNA field is in high demand, this is just the type of employment that they would offer to train applicants in for free. Check the internet or your local phonebook for the number or contact information of the workforce office in your state.

Local and State Governments

Certain state or federal governmental offices also sometimes offer free CNA training. For instance the Reserve Officers Training Course (ROTC) offers scholarships to members for various types of education. Another office to inquire to is the Office of Adult and Continuing Education in your state, or simply your state education department.

Between all this, it’s highly likely that you can find a free CNA training program if you have a financial situation that is less than ideal. Don’t let costs be a reason not to get an education. Do the necessary minimal footwork to find the right free program to meet your educational requirements, and you will be on your way to a rewarding career and a better monetary outlook.