X Ray Technician

Considering both the financial as well as the emotional aspects, career of an x ray technician is truly very rewarding. The technological advancements have further developed the human imaging experiences. Today, the demands for these technicians are increasing at a rapid pace. According to the statistical reports, in the next five to ten years there will be severe shortage of the well qualified and trained x ray technicians.

Job Responsibilities of An X Ray Technician:

These technicians are considered to be trained professionals, who work as health workers for manipulating the x ray machines and help the patients take right kinds of “insider” body pictures to diagnose if the individual is suffering from any sorts of diseases or internal injuries. After completing training courses of about a year or two, these technicians work in convalescent homes, dental offices, radiology clinics, doctor’s offices as well as hospitals to help in the diagnostic procedures.

The technicians are exposed to considerable amount of health hazards because of their exposure to the harmful x-rays all day long. These x rays are often correlated with the formation of cancers. It is very essential that the technicians are aware of the safety mechanisms to block the vulnerable parts of the body from harmful radiation. Walls and lead sheets can be used for minimizing the ill effects.

Some of the core job responsibilities of the x ray technicians include handling and maintaining the x ray equipments, developing pictures, helping the patients stand in the best position so that clear images can be taken for proper diagnosis. There are training courses offered in this filed, which help the technicians develop better understanding about radiology profession. In course of time they also become capable of performing magnetic resonance imaging or MRIs, sonograms, computerized axial tomography scans or the CT scans.

Apart from the right kind of training, the x-ray technicians are also expected to posses some essential traits in their personalities. They must be very co-operative in nature and exude helpful and calm demeanor, particularly towards those patients who are withering in pain. The technician must not discuss with the patients or his family members about the examination reports under any circumstances. This should be completely left in the hands of the physician’s assistant, radiologist and the nurse practitioner.

X Ray Technician Schools:

If you are looking forward to strengthening your career as an x ray technician, it is important that you are availing of the two years course. There are a number of online courses offered in this field and you can come across the available options with a little bit of research online. With the online courses you can complete your education and training irrespective of which ever part of the world you reside. All you need to have is a high speed internet access.

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is known to offer online courses in the field of radiology science. The interested candidates must posses a diploma from a certified GED or high school. The average grade must not be below “C”. The students registering for the degree course can earn bachelors degree in the field of radiologic science administration. The x-ray technicians, who have already received certifications, can register themselves for associate’s degree courses. For these online programs, the students can enroll in almost any time of the year. The school has been offering certified programs since 1976.

PIMA Medical Institute established in the year 1972 has a total of eleven campuses spread all over the nation. The different kinds of online courses offered help students establish their stronghold in the medical field. Students can enroll themselves for associates and bachelors degree in the fields of advanced level radiology, x-ray technology, as well as health care administration. The online courses offered compete with the quality of classroom education offered by some of the leading educational institutions all over the world. The simulated classes of PIMA Medical Institute offer 24 hour assistance to the students.

Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences is an educational institution which is about 92 years old. The organization is associated with Mission of Florida Hospital. Online bachelor degree courses are offered in the field of radiologic sciences. This is particularly focused on the administrative management in the radiology field. There are advanced opportunities for students who already possess certifications in the field of x-ray technology. The college is certified by Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. After successful completion of the online courses the students attending masters, bachelors, associates or radiology science degrees are awarded with certifications.

Salary Information of The X Ray Technician:

According to the researches conducted by BLS, the annual salary of the x ray technicians was about $53,230 around 2008. If the hourly wage of the technicians are considered it comes down to about $25.59. The salary of an individual technician depends on his educational qualification and total work experience. There are a number of responsibilities associated with their job and their earning opportunities increase as they sharpen their individual skills with hands-on experience.

The salary of the x ray technicians today is about US$50,000 – US$72,000 every year. In the diagnostic laboratories and medical laboratories, the pay scale of the technicians is around US$51,000 every year. In the surgical hospitals and the medical hospitals, the salary ranges between US $46,000. With advancements in the filed of technology, the salary of the x ray technicians are expected to rise further in the next few years. Education plays a very prominent role in this case. The employment opportunities of the technicians improve even more as they gain additional knowledge by pursuing higher education.

Career prospects of the x ray Technicians:

There are endless possibilities for the x-ray technicians. Most of them after earning the requisite degrees work with private sector organizations and hospitals. This field offers diverse opportunities as the technicians can work with dentists, general practitioners, Radiologists as well as the vets. Those who are looking for a secured career will definitely find this profession financially and emotionally rewarding.